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Thereturn of measles


Thebook under review is “Deadlyoutbreaks: how medical detectives save lives threatened by killerpandemics, exotic viruses, and drug-resistant parasite” byAlexandra M Levitt. The book was selected based on the “TheBest American Science and Nature Writing”topic selected in the previous assignment. The book has almost twohundred pages and therefore would have taken significant amount oftime to read the whole book. Reading the book was not as easy as itwas thought and therefore, the book was not read from cover to cover.The most appropriate chapters and sections of the book were selectedby scanning through the book. Three chapters were identified for usein this particular study. Since it is a very popular book, it wasrelatively easy to get the book from online libraries as well asother libraries.

Thethree chapters were selected based on their relevance to the study.The selected chapters are chapter one, which covers a west Nile VirusOutbreak that affected new York City, chapter two which covers amalaria outbreak in Cambodia and chapter five which covers asalmonella outbreak in Minnesota. The three chapters were selectedbecause they provide insight on the health implication of an outbreakespecially if it gets out of control. They also provide importantlessons on effective and ineffective approaches and the cost ofdelayed response in dealing with diseases outbreaks. The book willplay a critical role in the final research.


Althoughmedical technologies have advanced significantly over the years,infections microorganisms that are responsible for a wide range ofdisease outbreaks remain important health care issues. Each chapterof the book covers a specific disease outbreak. Each of the outbreakshad a significant health impact on the affected population. Theoutbreaks are evidences that vaccines and modern antibiotics as wellas modern medical technology have not been able to effectively dealwith infectious microorganisms. Although biological weapons andterrorism is an important concern, the main issue that relates tothis uncontrollable outbreak is antibiotic resistance.


Levitt,A. M. (2013). Deadlyoutbreaks: how medical detectives save lives threatened by killerpandemics, exotic viruses, and drug-resistant parasites.New York: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.