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“What out telescopescouldn’t see”


The book under review is “TheJewel on the Mountaintop: the European Southern Observatory throughFifty Years” byClaus Madsen. The book was selected because it related to the topic“What out telescopes couldn’t see”. The book is relatively bigand therefore the book was scanned through to determine the mostappropriate sections and chapter in the current study. Therefore, thewhole book was not read. This is because reading the book from coverto cover was not as easy as it was anticipated. The book is availableonline, and therefore was easy to get.

The over 500 pages bookcontains four main chapters. The four chapters are then subdividedinto 3- 16 subchapters which covers different aspects. The firstthree chapter of the book are selected in this particular study. Thethree chapters provide stories of events and people who played animportant role in the history of astronomy in Europe. The chaptersprovide important insight in the development of the current study.However, in choosing the three chapters, over 90 percent of the bookwas chosen for use in the study. This is because they form the coreof the book.


The European SouthernObservatory is an intergovernmental astronomy station on the earthsurface that was established by 16 nations in 1962. The organizationprovides astronomers will research facilities to study the universe. The book is a story of the organization, outlining the dramaticbreakthroughs and people who have played a role in the organization.The author outlines the successes of the European SouthernObservatory ground station and it telescopes and their contributionin modern science. The author uses both stories of event in theorganization and photographic evidence to present a spectacularmasterpiece.


Madsen, C. (2013). “TheJewel on the Mountaintop: the European Southern Observatory throughFifty Years”. John Wiley &amp Sons.