A Review of ‘Doctor Diaries’

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The most interesting part of the documentary was when the sevendoctors finally graduated from medical school. It felt like all thathard work did not go down the drain. I could feel their joy. Afteryears of burning the midnight oil, they finally achieved the title ofa doctor. The part made me realize that although I am years away frombeing a doctor, the goal is achievable. People have always told mehow hard it is to graduate from medical school. They made it seemlike an unachievable venture. The documentary showed me that with theright attitude, I could graduate within the stipulated time.

My perception of being a doctor has changed after viewing thedocumentary. Initially, I thought graduating from medical school wasthe hardest part in the quest to be a doctor. After graduating, onewould work from 9 to 5 like normal people. At that time, I knew thatpracticing medicine was more demanding than studying towardsachieving a medical degree. The number of hours that the participantsof this documentary put into their work was beyond the scope of myimagination. The amount of hours these characters spent in surgerywas more than I expected. People had told me that being a doctorrequires more hours than average jobs, but I did not know to whatextent. The story about one character’s inability to sustain amarriage was especially terrifying because I have a dream of startingmy own family someday.

Through the documentary, I know what the life of a doctor entails. Irealized that doctors live better financial lives than many commonfolks do. I could see the posh houses of the characters. Some couldplay golf. Others had their kids in prestigious schools. That is whenI realized that even though being a doctor was extremely demanding,it had its perquisites. Many people may claim that they did not getinto medicine because of the money, but then, nobody wants to livefrom check to check when they have their dream job. Careersatisfaction without satisfactory remuneration is a fallacy. As muchas people are not willing to admit it, we all choose careers that canmake our lives comfortable. I will not try to deny it, I chose thiscareer path for job satisfaction and the money as well.

I tend to disagree with the documentary that practicing medicine isa contributor to failed marriages. One character went ahead to saythat the reason he broke up with his wife was because he treated herlike an intern. It is true that practicing medicine is very stressfulbut it is not to blame for failed marriages. I know many people whoare doctors and happily married for decades. My uncle is a classicexample. At the same time, I know people who have regular jobs, donot drink, and are not promiscuous, but they have already undergonethrough three divorces and many more are yet to come. I believe thatwhen a person separates his family from his work, then everybody willlive in peace. I believe that finding an understanding partner whenin this line of work is the primary factor one should consider whenholding auditions for a marriage partner. In addition, people whospend long hours on their jobs should try to spend time with familywhenever the opportunity presents itself.