Abraham Lincoln Legacy and Leadership

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AbrahamLincoln Legacy and Leadership


AbrahamLincoln: Legacy and Leadership

AbrahamLincoln not only is he recognized or acknowledged as one of theUnited States greatest presidents to have occupied the office due tohis achievements during his tenure but also in addition to his rolein the civil war. He is a mythical figure in the culture of Americadue to his role towards the abolishment of slavery. Lincoln is a keyfigure in the history of the United States to an extent the Americanshas immortalized him (Field, 2011). Being a key figure in the Americahistory his leadership and legacy are still remembered today towardsthe making of the modern America.

Thesisstatement:Even though the making of the United States of America can beattributed to numerous influential leaders, Abraham Lincoln legacy,and leadership, as well as his role in the making of the 13thamendment, ranks him as one of the important presidents of the UnitedStates., which continues to affect people today.

The16th American president ‘Abraham Lincoln’ is a well-knownAmerican due to his role, leadership and legacy he left behind duringhis tenure of the presidency. During his time in the office, headvocated for the union to the north and south regions, which heargued was more beneficial compared to the separation of the tworegions. According to Erath (2015), due to his loyalty believe in theunion during his presidency, the America healed from the animositybetween the north and south states which had threatened to divide theregion into two. It was the dedication of President Lincoln to theAmerican community, and the country as well as his optimism about thecountry’s future that propelled and ensured the well-being of thecountry. More so he guided the union to victory in the well-knownAmerican civil war (Field, 2011). Despite the hard times he facedduring the civil war, Lincoln endured the fight in order to preservethe union. This achievement is referred today as the foundation forthe American reconstruction. He worked on the course of action andstrategies that would reunite the nation rather than be alienatingthe south. His decision to fight prevented the country from splitting(Goodheart, 2015).

Beinga leader, Abraham Lincoln was also well known for his vocal authorityand a good communicator. Today, numerous of his sayings are repeatedwith an indication of how influential Lincoln was. His quotes wereand remain some of the famous ones globally. He was regarded as agreat leader due to his achievements and in turn, the reason his nameis well recognized in the history of the United States (Schwartz,2015). One of the Lincolns advantages is his gift of rhetoric andlanguage. As a public figure, many of the Americans found reassurancein him, as his natural way of appealing was unavoidable to be notedespecially during his speeches and campaign (Miller, 2015). Hisability to communicate to the people played a key role in elevatinghim a great leader. Coupled with his other achievement, he was agreat American president.

Hisrole towards the abolishment of the slave trade left a mark in thehistory of the country. In the year 1863, he (Lincoln) issues aproclamation of setting free all people who were held as slaves inthe country. In order to firmly contain slavery, Lincoln decides tomake the proclamation an amendment to the country’s constitution,and in 1864, the senate of the United States passed the 13thamendment (Field, 2011). The congress followed suit in passing theamendment the following year, which to today remains a pillar of theAmerican community. The 13th amendment was used to outlaw slavery inAmerica and continues to affect people today as it abolishes any formof slavery and except when it is being taken as a punishment for acrime committed. As a great leader, Abraham Lincoln was seen as asocial reformist with his role and dislike of slavery being the basisfor the abolishment of the slavery practices in America. More so, histenure marked the passing of slavery bill, the 13th amendment (Field,2011). In addition to social reformist, he was also a war leader(Goodheart, 2015). He led the union to war and came out as a winner,more like what the Americans wanted from their leader. Finally, hewas seen as an architect of reconstruction of America, hence beingregarded as a great leader.

Inconclusion, while there are many more American presidents to have hada tremendous impact of the impact of making the American nation, theleadership achievement and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln remains someof the famous historical figures/leaders in the United States. Hecontributed to the abolishment of slavery in the United States,through the enactment and recognition of the 13th amendment. More so,his role towards the civil war was well recognized and known in thecountry, hence the reason he remains an important leader, politician,and former American president. His leadership tenure and style,together with his achievement contributed to the making of hislegacy, hence a key figure in the country’s history. Due to hisnumerous achievements, Abraham Lincoln remains an important figureamong the Americans and the history of America.


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