Activities for Healthier Lifestyle

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Activitiesfor Healthier Lifestyle

Activitiesfor Healthier Lifestyle

Healthcan be best described as a state of the body that is characterized bythe complete physical, mental and social well-being which does notnecessarily mean the absence of disease or any form of disability.The achievement of complete well-being is not easy due to thepresence of detrimental factors such as diseases, poverty and otherlife struggles. However, the improvement of the health status ispossible through a variety of approaches which are discussed in thispaper.

Oneof the most widely recognized activities that promote healthierlifestyle is exercise. In this perspective, exercise covers physicalexercise which ranges from swimming, walking, jogging, and sportamong other examples. The importance of physical exercise in healthhas been indicated to include the reduction of stress levels(Everett,2011).In addition to this, physical exercise also leads to increasedstamina and endurance as well as assisting in digestion and theburning of excess calories in the body. There are recommendationsprovided regarding physical activity and the general advice is that30 minutes of activity for at least 5 days in a week is sufficientfor the development of a healthy body (WhyBe Obese, n.d.).

Theconstitution of the diet also forms an important component of healthylifestyle since it constitutes of the nutritional aspects of health.A balanced diet which contains the necessary nutrients and in thecorrect amounts is very important for the sustenance of the bodystructure and function. Good nutrition facilitates prober growth anddevelopment and is associated with increased immunity. There aredifferent foods that are recommended especially fruits and vegetableswhile some are discouraged including too much sugar, salt, red meatand fats (HeartFoundation, 2016).In addition to these nutrients, the importance of adequate intake ofwater cannot be ignored.

Restis considered to be the best remedy for tiredness and healthprofessionals recommend sleep as the best mode or resting. While itis good to work and engage in physical activity, resting is also asimportant and it is during sleep that the body can be able to repairworn out and damaged tissues as well as regain strength. In additionsleeps improves the immune status of the body. A rest constituting ofsix to ten hours of sleep in a day will prove to be effective in theadvancement towards healthy living (WhyBe Obese, n.d.).

Personalhygiene focusses on the activities undertaken to ensure that one isclean as well as the surrounding environment. Personal hygiene playsa major role in the prevention of disease occurrence as well as thetransmission from one person to another. In detail it involvesregular baths, proper oral hygiene, water and food safety, properwaste disposal and clean living environment. The prevention of foodand waterborne diseases as well as water washed diseases can beprevented by observing hygiene thus improving the health status(MedlinePlus, 2016).

Theability to cope with the physical and psychological demands exerteddue to life issues can be termed as stress management. Stress has theability to impair the functioning of the body and in some cases itcan lead to more severe conditions such as stress, stroke,hypertension and other mental or cardiovascular diseases. There aremeasures that can be taken to assist in coping with stress includinghaving a positive outlook or attitude, having achievable goals,proper planning, controlling emotions, using relaxation techniques aswell as engaging in activities that free the mind (Hitti,2005).

Mostof the diseases which affect people especially the non-communicablediseases could actually be prevented had they been detected earlier.This scientific finding indicates the significance of regular medicalcheckups. In addition, the routine screening provides a platform forinteraction with the healthcare provider who is in a better positionto give advice with regard to health living. Furthermore, thehospital visits also facilitate follow-up for immunizations as wellas assessments with regard to recovery and medication. This alsocontributes to healthier lifestyle (Hitti,2005).

Humansare social and spiritual beings and the ability to form sustainablerelationships with others is associated with healthy living. Thedevelopment of social networks leads to the development of a goodcommunication network as well as strong connections based on familyties and friendship which enrich one’s life and leads to theoverall well-being in terms of social aspects of health. In additionbelieving in the presence of a supreme being has been shown toinfluence people by providing a direction and a purpose. Spiritualityand social connections therefore form an important part that forgestowards healthy life (Hitti,2005).

Unsafebehaviors especially Substance abuse has major detrimental effects onthe physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects of health. The useof psychoactive drugs interferes with the normal functioning of thebody and it may lead to other conditions such as addiction as well asmental disorders. In order to maintain good health, it is importantfor people to practice safe behaviors which include but not limitedto alcohol use, smoking, substance abuse, safe sex, observing trafficrules and regulations among others. The practice of safe behaviorsreduce the risk of contracting diseases as well as injury and deathand thus significantly leads to healthier lifestyles (NationalHeart Lung and and Blood Institute, 2015).


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