African American Leaders

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AfricanAmerican Leaders

Overtime, African Americans have been subject to discrimination simplybecause of their racial background. In the past years, they have beenheld in the lowest regards, and it was almost impossible to have theAfrican Americans hold leadership positions. In the event they did,they had no power to make independent decisions. With time, they havebeen changes which have seen the African Americans hold influentialpositions and with the power to rule without influence by theAmericans. This paper is a reflection of the shifts in the leadershiproles of the African Americans.

Nota long time ago, African Americans lacked a place to call their homeamong the Americans. Important things of American States, forinstance, leadership roles were only available to the Whites. It waslike a taboo to have African Americans acquires leadership positionsin a region with a dominance of the white people. There was noopportunity for the African Americans to obtain decent jobs let alonehold high posts in the leadership of the states.

However,there have been changes in the mindset of the whites about theAfrican Americans. In the current period and a few years back,African Americans have been given the opportunity to hold highpositions in regions with the dominance of the whites (Duncan). ManyAfrican Americans currently hold high positions in the governmentdespite the dominance of whites in the area. A key example of theAfrican Americans being given leadership roles is the election of thePresident of the United States who is an African American despitecontesting against influential and well-known whites. In Atlanta,there has been an election of a good number of black mayors intooffice. There has also been an election of black mayors into theoffice for the first time in other different cities and towns acrossGeorgia in the recent years (Pratt). There are equally other blackofficials elected to office in these municipalities.

Thesehappenings are unlike the past years when the thought of AfricanAmericans living among the whites was unacceptable. The fact thatAfrican Americans have been trusted with leadership roles clearlyshows that there has been a racial electoral breakthrough among thewhites (Pratt). Over time, they have come to appreciate the AfricanAmericans and belief in their leadership capability. Such abreakthrough is attributed to a change in the ideas held by peopleabout others. Just because people come from a different racialbackground does not mean they have a lesser capability to undertakeleadership roles bestowed upon them. Given these leadership roles,the African Americans have not been a disappointment as most of themhave contributed to the most significant changes in the states. Mostof these leaders have soured the states into high development levelsbecause of their leadership prowess.


Inthe past, African Americans have been held in low regard in the areaswith the dominance of the whites. It was hard to have such peopleaccepted in such states or being given similar positions as the whitecounterparts. Several changes have occurred in the recent years whichhas seen the whites appreciate the African Americans to the point ofentrusting them with crucial leadership roles in the states. A goodexample is an election of the first black President of the UnitedStates and the endless number of black mayors and officials inregions dominated by the whites. However, the challenge of racialdiscrimination is still in existence among those areas dominated bywhites, and there is a need for devising policies to ensure thatthere is no point African Americans experience racial discriminationas they seek the leadership of the states they live in.


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