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Theagency that I will be presenting is called The Daily Planet locatedin Richmond, Virginia. Anne Lane, who is still an active boardmember, and was recognized as a Richmond History Maker, in 2010founded the organization (DailyPlanet Website).Her motive was to help the teens who were dropped out of school. TheDaily Planet provides shelter, meals, health clinics, and counselingto help them integrate themselves into the society that onceabandoned them. The organization was named by the teens, whoidentified with Clark Kent from Superman. In the fiction novel, ClarkKent worked for a newspaper company called &quotTheDaily Planet&quot.Today, it is the largest organization in Richmond that offerscomprehensive and integrated healthcare to those who are homeless anduninsured (DailyPlanet Website).It is a community health care center, which provides primary care,behavioral health, dental, and eye care.

TheNational Committee recognizes the Daily Planet for Quality AssurancePCMH Recognition Program, which is a private not-for-profitorganization that helps improve health care quality (DailyPlanet Website).Their philosophy stands that &quothealthcare is a right for all andnot a privilege for the few.” Within the Daily Planet, there arethree programs: Medical Respite, which offers 20 beds for dischargedhospital patients, haven, which offers 21 beds for mental healthpatients, and St. Joseph`s Outreach Clinic, which provides healthcare and behavior health therapy services. The oral health curriculumserves patients under the sliding scale fee schedule based on thefederal poverty guidelines. The dental services include preventive,restorative, extractions, dentures, and endodontic therapy. Theemergency services include extractions only. The numbers of patientsserved are from the calendar year 2010 averaging 85 new patients eachmonth (Daily Planet, n.d).

Whomthey Serve and What they Do

TheDaily Planet health care offers variety of health care services toall homeless people in the Greater Richmond area. It also acts as amedical respite program and provides a supportive housing program forpeople with mental illnesses. The Daily Planet has set up a satelliteclinic in North Richmond through a grant award known as NAP. Thevariety of services offered includes optometry, psychiatry, primaryhealth care, dental care and integrated health and substance abuseservices as well as outreaches and health education. Individualsinvolved in offering the services are the physicians, home based carenurses, dentists, nurses practitioners, case managers and outreachworkers (Baumohl,1996).These individuals are seen as exceedingly important by theorganization and as such, the organization puts a lot of effortgeared towards these individuals (Baumohl,1996). Theclinic also offers pharmacy services, all laboratory services areavailable in the clinic, well child check-ups, and treatment ofcritical illnesses, cancer screening, and issuing of contraceptives.

Howthe Organization Gets its Funding

Thegroup has incorporated community partnership support that caters forall health services. Jenkins Foundation and Richmond Memorial HealthFoundation are among the groups that have been assisting the DailyPlanet financially, and this has helped the organization to come upwith a nursing home in Henrico County and placed a family nursepractitioner and a physician to offer integrated health care servicesto the community. Additionally, The Virginia Department of Housingand Community Development has come up with core programs thatdirectly addresses the issues that concerns the homeless and alsofunds the organizations that provide homes for the homeless and DailyPlanet is one of them (UnitedStates, 2004).In addition, the group has been encouraging those patients who haveinsurance cover to enjoy the benefits and those who do not have theyregister them to any available government programs. The organizationalso relies on grants from the Federal government (Daily PlanetFinancial Statements, 2014). The biggest source of funding for theorganization is the community, where foundations have come to the aidof the organization this is reflected in the Financial Statements ofthe organization. Such foundations include Virginia Health CareFoundation, Universal leaf Foundation, and Mary Morton ParsonsFoundation among others.


Accordingto the Daily Planet website, the organization has set its goals forthe year 2015 in their strategic plan.Fivecore goals are recorded in their strategic plan process, and theyinclude, one, the organization is looking forward to being theleading clinic in providing comprehensive and integrated health careservices in Virginia, which will be timely and readily available(DailyPlanet Website).Second, the Daily Planet is looking forward to adopting andincorporating professionalism, business and measurable practices,exercise the best administrative models and the best environment thatwill support delivery of the best services. Third, the Daily Planetclinic is working hard to ensure that all the members of thecommunity can fully understand the whole scope, the services theyprovide, and the impact of the organization in the community (DailyPlanet Website).Fourth, the team is working towards attaining the best businessmodels and plans to grow and sustain effective programs and services.Lastly, the organization is working hard to build a diverse andsupport quality board that will be the best representative of theindividuals and the community as a whole (DailyPlanet Website).

Atpresent, the organization can provide the best health care servicesto those who are homeless and those who are at a risk of losing theirhomes (ULTCommunication Services, 2014).The ultimate goal of targeting the homeless is to allow them beself-sufficient and acquire the independent living. The strategicplan, which was laid down in 2012 by the administrators, seniornurses, and physicians, was to ensure that the organization wasfinancially stable, and that would help the Daily Planet continueoffering the best programs and services to members of the communitywho require immediate attention. The primary goal was to open asatellite clinic in Richmond Southside with an intention of providingprimary health care, case management, and behavioral health.

Overviewof the Program and Patients Responses

TheDaily Planet started with sessions of counseling young people whoabused street drugs especially from nearby Monroe Park campus whereyoung people were flooded (Baumohl,1996).The organization has been growing tremendously and the number ofpatients and follow-up cases has always been on the rise since theclinic was started. The majority of the patients who attend theclinic are homeless and single men who suffer from skin infectionsbecause of staying on the streets. Another group of patients thatflood the clinic is adults with mental problems and mentalretardation, following the functional developmental delay.

Havingbegun with a single care provider, the Daily Planet has grown into alarge institution with numerous specialists, physicians, nurses, andsocial workers. The clinic has grown to an extent of being among thefacilities of the Health Care for the Homeless federal grant that wasstarted in 1987 (Baumohl,1996).It is also a strong part of the community mental health safe net, andthe services are the best. Currently, the clinic can serve about fourthousand patients in thirty thousand visits in a year, and it hasrecorded a budget of about 3.5 million dollars it is obvious thatthe guiding principle for the Daily planet is to allow all thecitizens to access integrated healthcare without considering theirfinancial status, insurance or housing situation. In this case, theorganization fulfills a philosophy that says health care for all andnot a privilege for few people. Therefore, the organization can beindicated to have met some of its goals for instance, setting up ofSouthside Clinic in Richmond, and is yet to realize some of those ithas set in its strategic plan.


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