Alcoholism Meeting

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Thealcoholism meeting was conducted as a discussion meeting wherebyeveryone had the permission to attend and contribute towards thesubstance abuse topic. Members had the authority to share theirdrinking experiences and then the congregation discussed the aspectsof alcoholism and recovery process. Members shared their experiencesand established joint of helping in the solution of the commonproblems (Monti P, 2012).

Thecontent coverage of the meeting mandated that an individual had toadmit first that he or she is an alcoholic and need help. The peoplehad to admit having the willingness of their need to see victimsrecover. There was a discussion of the available, best rehabilitationcentre and the type of treatment they offer and how they help addictswho might relapse out of treatment (Monti P, 2012). Other topicsdiscussed included changing people, routines and places to avoiddrinking.

Thekey elements learnt in the meeting included the fact that substanceabuse is not healthy for individuals, since it causeslife-threatening diseases like live cancer. It puts someone’s lifeto a halt when they are addicts. One should never feel ashamed toaccept the condition and ask for help. It is possible to stopalcoholism addiction, and it is not a permanent condition.Self-efficacy stated that when individuals believe that they arecapable of solving a problem or complete a task, they are more likelyto attempt it and are likely to succeed (Monti P, 2012).

The experience of the meetingwas that a lot of people suffer from drug abuse. However, the loveand support that they receive from their loved ones give them thecourage and strength to fight addiction (Monti P, 2012). The type ofmeeting was an open meeting, and it was conducted in Kansas City, ata rehabilitation centre. It took place on 26th March 2016 at 2.00 pm.


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