America’s Independence is a mistake

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America’sIndependence is a mistake

Manyof you may argue that it is America`s right to free and governitself. However, I firmly believe that America`s independence is amistake. From my point of view as a slave, I will argue thatAmerica’s independence means freedom for a few people and not allof us. The primary benefit of this freedom is to give more politicalpower to the America`s white, male minority. For the rest, includingslaves like me, women, American Indians and the poor, independencemeans more suffering. The few white men in power will gain control ofAmerica’s resources and enrich themselves while exploiting the restof the people in the country. This is because independence means thatthe few who have gained control of political power will formulatepolicies that favor their businesses and financial growth withoutconsidering the welfare of the minority in the nation.

Anotherreason that makes me perceive America’s independence as a crazyidea is the fact that it will now take longer for slavery to beabolished in this country. I believe that one of the reasons forAmerican Revolution was to preserve slavery that will continuebenefiting the wealthy whites. Independence now means that theAmerican government has the freedom to continue embracing slaverywithout any external interference. I will base my argument on theevents that followed Dunmore’sProclamation.After the signing of this document last year November 7thby the British royal governor John Murray, many of the slaves werewilling to leave the American revolutionaries and join Britishforces. The reason many of the slaves sided with the British royalforces during the Revolution is because they were promised freedom.Slave themselves had faith in the British colonists that under theirleadership, they would be freed earlier than when Americans were inpower. More than 100, 000 slaves supported Dunmore and even when theproclamation failed to achieve its objectives, more than 300 formerslaves followed him because they feared America`s independence thatwould preserve slavery for a longer time. Therefore, being a slave,America`s Independence to me means more years of slavery and misery.

Additionally,American`s independence will cause the loss of identity of its peopleas a group. Before the revolution, we were identified as individualswho came to live collectively as British subjects in the New World.However, now that America has gained independence, we will be definedas people who live in a place, adhere to its ideological agendas andremain loyal to the new government that does not care about ourwelfare. Apart from the loss of identity, independence will make theAmerican people refuse to have any social standards. This is becausepeople will no longer identify themselves as being from one grouphence no need to share norms and values. Consequently, the Americanpeople will be divided into various groups regarding races and socialclasses. The social segregation will further result in socialstandards that favor some groups over others. As time passes by,impendence will lead to American people becoming selfish resulting ina state of socialism that will further increase government power toexploit its citizens.

Finallybut not the least, America’s independence means a corrupt system ofgovernance that will exploit the American people through taxes. Thisargument is based on the event known as the BostonTea Party on16thDecember 1773. This party was political rebellion organized by theSons of Liberty against the Tea Act. In this party, an entireshipment belonging to the East India Company was destroyed. Inresponse, Coercive Acts were implemented that fuelled the AmericanRevolution. The British people believed in no taxation withoutrepresentation and hence their governance meant that we wouldcontinue enjoying our salaries and other income without manyunnecessary taxes. However, with the independence now, the Americangovernment has the freedom to impose taxes without the fear ofopposition from British men. It is important to point out that theAmerican government now in power will focus on reaping the benefitsof independence through corrupt ways of embezzling public funds.

Further,the government will engage in unnecessary wars with other countriesall in the name of the international relationship. As a result,money, which should be used in important sectors of the economy suchas education, security as well as health, will be lost. Poverty,political instability and other forms of suffering will be felt inthose countries both in the short and long term. Therefore, tosustain all these kind of operations, the government will end upimposing unnecessary high taxes as a strategy to raise more income, afactor which will significantly affect the American people.

Frommy point of view, independence means political and financial gains toa few white Americans in power but to the rest of us, it meanseconomic dependency. People will be forced to work extra hard andover longer time periods to earn a wage, which after heavy taxation,can meet the necessities.