Animal Rights

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Theconcept of the relation of human beings and animals has remained tobe a study since the stone age of man to the modern day. In the bookof Genesis, it is believed that man is given Dominion over all thecreatures of the sea and land. Basically, the man is given dominionover the other animals. Aristotle describes the man as an animal withreasoning thereby man is placed on the top of the natural world. Thereport is expected to discuss the significance of Animal rights aswell as the idea and discipline adapted to formulate Animal rights inthe modern day society. Also, the writer is expected to describe thereason behind the emergence of Animal rights and their importance intoday’s society.

Animalrights focus on the idea that all non-human animals possess a rightto own their lives, due to lack of reasoning animals cannot beallowed to dwell on their own thereby the right translates to anyhuman will ensure that an animal does not endure suffering. Therights are simple and are seen to focus on ensuring that animals arewell treated and live a healthy life just as that of the human (Feder46). Animal rights date back to the ancient world, in regards to thebook of Genesis as stated above, man is placed over all the otheranimals in the world. This explains the duty that man has overpreserving animal rights as well as ensuring that the other animalslive a healthy non-suffering life just as the humans.

Philosopherand Mathematician Pythagoras believed in the respect for animals. Thephilosopher tends to believe that both human and non-human souls arereincarnated from human to animals and animals to humans. During theagrarian evolution, the use of animals in the works of man becamemore important. Use of animals such as ox to plough land and dogs forsecurity became more than a human practice and became a part of humanlife to keep pets and animals in households. This led to thedevelopment of animal protection laws in most parts of the worldwhich spread to be adapted to the whole world.

Thefirst known animal law was formulated in Europe during the 16thcentury, according to Richard D. Ryder the law prohibited the pullingof the wool of sheep as well as the attaching of ploughs on the tailsof horses. The scholar argued that this was cruelty towards animalsand the human race in total. In 1641a legal code to protect animalswas passed in North America, “No man shall exercise any Tyranny orCruelty toward any brute creature which is usually kept for man’suse,” (Reverend Nathaniel Ward 1652). Animal rights were alsodeveloped in England where the Puritans also acknowledged animalprotection legislation (Feder 68).

Overthe centuries, different scholars including Jeremy Bentham andJean-Jacques Rousseau explored on the concept that animals should betreated as humans and considered in the natural laws of the land. Themodern day has seen the policies and legislation put in place toprotect animals from harm. Animal rights have led to good treatmentto animals where there are established consequences to those who goagainst the law of the land.

Itis important to acknowledge that not only has the establishment ofAnimals rights improved the health of animals, but also fulfilled theduty of man as the first animal on the natural order. Animal rightshave helped man understand animals and have created a platform whereman is able to exist with animals in the society.


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