Annotated Bibliography When Animals Mourn

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AnnotatedBibliography: &nbspWhen Animals Mourn

Day,M. “Godlesssavages and superstitious dogs: Charles Darwin, imperial ethnography,and the problem of human uniqueness.”Journal of History of Ideas. 2008. 49. University of PennsylvaniaPress

Thearticle, “Godlesssavages and superstitious dogs: Charles Darwin, imperial ethnography,and the problem of human uniqueness”goes a long way in showing some of the common characteristics thatare shared between human beings and non-human being creatures. Theseare such as the very element of a show of emotions that has normallybeen associated with human beings. The paper provides an explanationof the kind of behavior that dogs show whenever they go through agiven grieving process as well as a highly distressful moment. The article goes a long way in linking the emotional behavior ofanimals to that of human beings. I have full intentions of using thedocument to highlight how domestic animals show their emotions when they are going through a grieving moment.

Curtiss,C.R,&nbspRogge,M.E&nbspand Kawam, E.” Factorsaffecting social workers` inclusion of animals in practice.” 2013

Thisarticle helps to bring out an important perspective in relation tothe levels of emotions that animals, especially domestic onesexperience when they go through a given process of emotionaldistress. The research sets a centre stage on the way various animalsneed to be taken care of well, especially during a given stressfulperiod such as after being separated from another partner animal. Oneaspect that can easily be identified is the fact that they have achange in their general behavior when they mourn.

Thepaper is quite thorough as it attempts to explain the way differentanimals go through the grieving face following the death of theirbabies. It is analytical in nature, providing information backed upwith facts from secondary sources or actual research carried out. Iintend to use the article to highlight how different animals followthrough the grieving face and the kind of behavior that they do haveduring such period.

Bellamy,J.E. BrutalReasoning: “Animals, Rationality, and Humanity in Early ModernEngland.”ShakespeareStudies.&nbsp36(Annual 2008): p260.

Thepaper aims to bring out the argument that animals, too, go throughvarious forms of emotional behavior that are geared towards showingthe grief that they do experience as a result of going through agiven stressful time. The paper is important since it aims to bringup different situations that could lead to mourning among animals. Iintend to use the article to explain the situations where animalscould experience cases of distress.

Popularmagazines. &quotThe emotional lives of animals a leading scientistexplores animal joy, sorrow, and empathy–and why theymatter.&quot&nbspReference&amp Research Book News&nbspAug.2008.&nbspPopularMagazines.

Thisarticle provides an in-depth description of many studies that theshow the grief that various non-human species go through when theyexperience a loss of a loved one. The paper has attempted to delveinto the psychological situations and elements that lead to the greatshow of emotions among such animals following the loss of a lovedone. It also aims to compare and contrast the kind of grief that isexperienced by animals to that experienced b humans in a bid toestablish the one that is worse. In general, it outlines that thereare various aspects between the human and non-human species make-upthat bring about the same forms of feelings when they do experiencethe loss of a loved one.

Thisarticle is quite essential and delves much on the psychological andemotional aspect that leads to animals to show grief in the firstplace. It uses a lot of research studies findings to draw itargument. This helps to show the validity of the information beinggiven out in relation to animals and going through the process ofgrieving. I intend to use the article to show the various researchstudies that have been linked to animals and going through theprocess of grieving over the loss of a loved one. I shall also usethe paper to bring out the psychological aspect that goes into theprocess of grieving among different animals.


Inconclusion, this assignment was quite interesting since it providedme with the opportunity of having an overview of the articles that Ishall use in the research project so as to come up with a more aptpaper. The hardest part of the assignment was generating basic ideasfrom the articles and coming up with their summaries. The one thingthat I learnt in the process is that a whole lot of animals do gothrough the grieving process after they have lost a loved one. Theone thing that I am still unsure about is what some animals gothrough the grieving process and others don’t. Given theinformation that I have and the sources obtained, I am quite positivethat I am closer to writing a research paper.