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An argument is defined as a form of persuasion where one uses logicto prove the legitimacy of one idea while discrediting another idea.It usually seeks to persuade an audience to adopt a particularviewpoint to take an appropriate action. Often, people containdifferent opinions and different techniques of arguing. However,Crowhurst (1990) claims that many individuals and especially studentshave problems in conducting academic arguments citing on itsdifficulty.

Personally, when engaging in academic debates, I often take the logicroute. I usually try to use logical explanations to convince myaudience on the stand I am making. Within the paper, I may get alittle frustrated whether am making solid arguments but I usually endup including an emotional petition that presumably works all thetime. Before engaging in any argument, I usually check onavailability of strengths and balance in my stance. With little to noevidence of the required position, arguing in the paper becomes aquandary.

When I read the provided paper on flag burning, I noticed that thestudent had included all the elements of argumentative papers.Firstly, the student claimed that flag burning should remainconstitutional to maintain the rights of speech of citizens. Theclaim was followed by evidence why flag burning should remainconstitutional and the law not to be amended. The student providesevidence derived from the first amendment which articulates forfreedom of speech and right to petition grievances to the government.The student exhausts the counterargument which regards flag burningas treason. However, the student rebuts the counterargument byproviding the correct definition of treason which involves aiding ofa country’s enemies and plotting against the country. To conclude,I only have trouble distinguishing between classic and Rogerianstyles of writing and would love to learn more.


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