Aspects of Liberalism in the Film, The Power of the Poor

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Aspects of Liberalism in the Film, The Power of the Poor

From an economic perspective, liberalism is the view that thegovernment should not regulate prices, rents and wages but, it shouldallow the forces of demand and supply to control competition toensure that the market benefits all the citizens. The Power of thePoor by Hernando de Soto is a documentary film that recognizesthe importance of inclusive laws that allows the citizens of Peru toacquire titled property with the aim of establishing peace andprosperity (De Soto, “The Power of the Poor”). This is an aspectof economic liberalism since the legal reforms will ease the way ofdoing business, and, therefore, benefiting a majority of thecitizens. Most importantly, de Soto’s aim is to defeat the poorhome-grown terrorists by harnessing their power to create businesses,which will alleviate them from poverty. He adds that peace andeconomic prosperity can only be achieved if the Peru’s governmentestablishes programs and inclusive laws that create the ease of doingbusiness in the region.

With such a program, researchers and economists can see howbureaucracy, corruption and lack of simple laws have inhibited nearlytwo-thirds of the world’s population from participating in globaleconomic growth. When these citizens are locked outside the rule oflaw, they tend to create their own commercial systems such as theterrorist groups (De Soto, “The Power of the Poor”). Although deSoto and his team managed to defeat the Sendero Luminoso, aterrorist group, by passing several legal reforms, there areinconsistences in such a program because the terrorists might begiven more power to overthrow the government. In other words, thepursuit of peace and economic prosperity might eventually lead topower struggles between the empowered terrorists and the government,which is usually characterized by wars and conflicts. However, deSoto’s aim to achieve economic prosperity and peace among thecitizens of Peru is not only beneficial to the country but, alsoguides the international community on how to handle terrorism in poorcountries around the world.

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