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Anaccount of a community and its individuals is a community assessment.The need is to outline the requirements of a community to stretchservices suitable to their needs.

Datagathering should be enough to recognize needs and urgencies insupport of choices, and it does not need to be extensive. It musttake into consideration several of the economic, physical andcultural conditions that make up a community (Toumi, 2010).

1.Senior citizen community

Thedecrease in dexterity and mobility, decreased stamina and strengthand decreased acuity are also involved with ageing, but not justsuperficial changes as many think. Statistically, the likelihood ofillness or morbidity and some infirmities increases with age. Chronicdiseases comprising of stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, arthritis,dementia and cancer are associated with old age. Older individualsare frequently more affected by, and can take longer to recover fromillnesses, such as influenza.

Stayingin places with walkable green areas positively influenced thepermanency of older citizens independent of their sex, age, maritalstatus, socioeconomic status and base line functional status. For thegrowth and re-development of thickly populated areas in a megacity,greenery filled community areas that are nearby and easy to walk inshould be further highlighted in urban planning. Close teamworkshould be started the construction, planning, civil engineering,health and other related sectors in the setting of the healthy urbanpolicy, so as to stimulate the health of senior residents (Lockhart,2016).

2.Reflection and possible changes

Inplace of traditional medicine, many senior citizens use naturalmedicine, made from natural elements, because of its anti-bacterialproperties. Naturally is about being an aware health person not beinga health freak, making the natural fitness work for and with you.At most time patients want to remain in the community and home theybelong as ages continue to be dominant. Is important their profile tobe assessed, though, the valuation need to be well thought of.Several falls may be stopped with assessment of risk, patientscreening, and adjustment of risk factors. Subsequently the risk offalling is a communication between three groups of patient-specificfactors, specifically, diseases/disorders, environmental factors, andmedication use. The factors considered I modifying an individualpatient can be identified with the help of multifactorial fall riskassessment. This could be perfected with prior learning of thevaluation as well as decent planning. These are just some ofmodifications that can lead to success in assessment.

3.Upgrading of senior citizen community

HomeUpgrading Assistance for Senior People. As they age, our physicalstrength and mobility reduce and several features of a home that werepractical before become difficult. Modification of home can be asmodest as altering water spout handles from levers to knobs or asinclusive as the building of an addition room or elder hut on thepossessions. There are several types of modifications to accommodateaging challenges that can be made. They include

  • Computer Equipment – big screen monitors and large keyboards

  • Accessory Rooms – both for the ageing and live-in caregivers

.Another tactic in making home improvements is free labor. Lastly,some creating long term free loans of equipment in modification tothe elderly may also assist


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