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In film, a color palette refers to a given set of colors to focusimagery. Different types of colors palettes can be used to displaydifferent moods and creations. Selecting the appropriate colorpalettes will make a film more professional (Digicams, 2015).

Iintend to develop an action type of film. I will use color contrastssuch as orange / blue.In the context of an action film, orange/blue will be used to brighten some of the scenes essentially thosethat are calm. This will bring into film a mood or sensation ofpeace after chaotic scenes that exist in the action film. A majorstyle that the color palettes will bring into the film is the conceptof consistency. What is evident is that actions films do not alwaysconsist of chaotic scenes, as a result there is need to integratesome level of consistent peace. This can be done through the orange/blue contrast.

Iwill also integrate the orange and till palettes. The main objectiveof this combination is to make the actors stand out on thebackground. The film will display scenes that include danger, cold,safety and warm, orange and till palettes will be useful in thiscontext. The objective is to display the actual activity taking placeat the particular moment in relation to the atmosphere given off.

Action films also have to display speed and intense motion. Color isusually used to express certain moods in different scenes. In thefilm colors depicting speed and pace will be yellow while darkness isvariously depicted by grey and black.Colours for example red andbright orange bring out the intensity of a given situation. Style isdepicted depending on the chronology of events taking place. Themanner with which they unfold could add or remove different shades ofcolor

Inconclusion, one can therefore confidently say that the color palettesof various films depend on a number of issues relevant during, priorand after film production.


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