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Volunteerismis as an act where individuals work for public agencies ororganizations for charitable or humanitarian reasons, withoutexpecting any compensation. People volunteer for many reasons thatinclude community development, learning new skills, socialization,and if there is a need. Volunteers can have a significant impact onthe wider community.


Opportunities for volunteerism include teaching or coaching theneedy students, assisting the elderly, collecting and deliveringgoods to the vulnerable, serving on a neighborhood association,campaigning, and helping the local government with consultation oradministrative activities.


Thelocal governments can encourage volunteerism by making it fun. Lotsof people get involved in genuinely enjoyable programs such as sportscoaching or volunteering in the major events. A reward program whereindividuals receive the right incentives, such as attending newfitness classes, watching a film or visiting the national treasure isanother way to encourage more people to volunteer. The governmentsalso solicit for volunteers by making it easy for them to getinvolved through a web portal that indicates the readily availableopportunities to volunteer. Another method used by the localgovernment to encourage volunteers&nbspis by recognizingachievement. Mostly, this is where the individuals are given awardsin an&nbsp‘Oscar-style’ ceremony.

Often,many volunteers can search for available opportunities online. Several websites have a database of organizations with listedactivities they would like to participate. The most common websiteincludes and However, contacting alocal volunteer center can be an ideal place to begin.


Volunteeringhas several benefits to the society. As valuable resources,volunteers provide substantial cost savings to organizations. Theyprovide the extra needed skills permitting more operations andactions without undue expenses or costs. During a disaster,volunteers can supplement the normal workforce and especially at thetime when the workload is a peak. Secondly, volunteerism is aneffective way to bring public participation into governmentaloperations. It encourages people to become more active in civicparticipation, and this can bring a sense of citizenship. If thelarge pool of skills and knowledge provided by volunteers can bewell-utilized, then this bring about social changes, such asregenerate the deprived communities. Volunteerism can help build astronger, safer and cohesive community.