ASTD Models of Human Performance Improvement Intervention

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ASTDModels of Human Performance Improvement Intervention

Theworking of ASTD model of Human Performance Improvement Intervention

Accordingto Rothwell (2000), ASD model of human performance intervention isthe intervention that addresses the cause of performance drawbacks.The model`s aim is to identify the reason for poor performance andaddresses the issue first hand. In this model, therefore, theultimate goal of the intervention specialist is to formulatesolutions that will solve the problems through an elimination oftheir causes. For this model to work the specialist must be wellequipped with certain skills. These skills include ability tointerpret performance information, ability to select appropriateintervention, ability to interpret changes in performance, and skillsin implementing the goals. Other skills include skill in assessingthe relationships between different interventions and ability toidentify the critical issue and changes in the business. All theseskills are crucial for the model to work effectively, so as toachieve the desired result.

Implicationsof misapplying the intervention

Whencorrect interventions are not applied, new problems are likely toarise. First, a lot of time, funds, and effort will have been wasted.The HPI practitioner will lose his/her credibility with other membersof the organization due to misapplication of intervention. The movemay also affect the organization further since it may complicate theefforts that will be needed to solve the problem. This situationpresents itself as a result of a rise in the level of disbelief ofboth the stakeholders and the people with the responsibility ofimplementing the intervention. Some of these people may decide tosabotage the implementation effort(Rothwell, Hohne &amp King, 2012).Therefore, it is necessary for an organization or the interventionstakeholders to take a lot of time in analysis phase to determine themost appropriate intervention.


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