Baker Hughes Incorporated Supplies Oilfield Services

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BakerHughes Incorporated Supplies Oilfield Services

BakerHughes Incorporated Supplies Oilfield Services


BakerHughes Mission Statement states that it is devoted to economic growthand expansion of the veteran, women, disabled and minority ownedsmall business ventures while identifying and encouraging thepositive contributions made by such enterprises to the economicwellbeing of the regions where the company operates (Tools, 2015).


Thefirst objective of the company is to promote product consistency,practice compliance, and quality service that agrees with or exceedsthe public requirements. Through this, Baker Hughes becomes aresponsible corporate that shows commitment to the people in a mannerthat it guarantees the protection of the society, the companyresources and environment while delivering services and products in asustainable routine. The objective of commitment enhances itssignificance to the employees, consumers, investors and thecommunities (Tools, 2015).


Thefirst goal from the objective of sustainability is to createquantifiable approaches to stimulating continuous development on theroad to zero cases of contamination and the avoidance of pollution.Secondly, it helps ensure that there is line supervision foraccountability of the organizational matters as well as theestablishment of individual involvement of every employee. Third, thesustainability aspect enhances obligation of all workers that, as arule of service, and commitment of suppliers as a state of workingwith the company. Environmental and safety protection are the firstand foremost issues because they are what makes the firm liable forits care and the welfare of the people around them (Tools, 2015).


Thesecond objective of Baker Hughes Incorporated Supplies OilfieldServices is to develop a culture of continuous perfection. In otherwords, the company has commitment to nurturing a culture where allthe employees can get involved in a manner that allows them takeproactive schedules to advance technologies, products, service, andprocesses (Tools, 2015).


Consequently,the goals that arise from the objective of continuous excellence arebased on how the business can understand and meet the expectationsand needs of the customers. The first goal is to allow the firm tohave the ability of focusing on working excellence. This makes itworthwhile for the corporation to provide a framework for constantproduct, service, and process enhancements (Tools, 2015).

Additionally,it encourages the professional growth of the employees to make themsupport the other structural goals and objectives while allowing theorganization to live its core values of performance throughcooperation, learning, and integrity. Secondly, Baker Hughes aims tohave an ability to assemble and investigate data to recognize theapproaches to continuous improvement. The last goal through theobjective of unceasing perfection is to enhance quality andreliability as features of its main performance aims. Through these,the company ensures that it establishes product consistency (Tools,2015).

Acompany should maximize its environmental impression, which comprisespreserving assets, such as water and energy, reducing spills andwaste and promoting recycling. Baker Hughes manages this throughinsisting on a culture where work specialism gets exercised in a feeway and becomes valued as a practical process to regulate thecompany’s impacts and risks. A corporation that aims at growth mustintegrate social concern into its business plans, decisions, andtasks and safeguard the safety the employees and procedures in theprogressively complex industry. Baker Hughes specialists partner withexecutives across all sectors and each trade segment to advancespecific platforms custom-made to guarantee the needs of the localwhich associate with business goals (Tools, 2015). These strategiesallow Baker Hughes amalgamation with the ventures regardless of theirproducts, services, projects, or locations.


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