Bariatric Facility Marketing Plan

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BariatricFacility Marketing Plan

Amarketingplan is tool that cannot be underestimated in business because ithelps to stay focused in a competitive business environment. With aplan, business is likely to run more smoothly and efforts are morelikely to pay off (Smith, 2011). Thismarketing plan has provided a description of the marketingopportunities, aims and strategies. Goals and objectives to beachieved through planned strategies have also been set, which willsee the new bariatricfacility in the Orlando, Florida area become competitive in themarket.


Obesityand overweight is a health concern among the population across theglobe. The USA ranks among the highest overweight population in theworld. According toWorld Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, andJaffray, (2015), a 33.3% of the USA population is obese oroverweight. InOrlando,Florida, 37.4 % of the population is overweight and 28.3 % is obese. The2012 Annualfat report card (as cited inJameson, 2012),projects that the rate at which Floridians are growing,&nbspobesemay hit 58.6% by 2030.However, there are many establishedbariatric facilities in theregion that helps the obese and overweight. The population in theregion has increased confidence of the surgeries since they areencouraged and endorsed the by the medical community.Accordingto the University of San Diego Health(as cited in Hutkin, 2015),80% of patients who undergo bariatrics surgery are females, despiteequal rates of obesity among American men and women.


Ourmarketing will target obeseand overweight people in Orlando Florida.These will include:

Obeseand overweight females

Womenare very sensitive about their body shape and always want to looktheir best. Majority of patients who undergo bariatrics surgery inthe USA being females, our marketing will incorporate them as theprimary target. This will cover obese and overweight females of 18years and above. The age below will not be included in the marking asthey lack ability to properly evaluate the risk versus the rewards ofthe surgery (Atiyeh, &amp Castagliola, 2012).

Overweightand obese males

Wewill involve them by getting them understand the health perspectiveof being overweight or obese. With this, we will gain their audiencefor they are concerned about their health if not body shape. Maleswith the age 18 and above will be the target.


Physicianswho deal with obesity and overweight related health risk conditionswill be the secondary target audience in marketing. Such areCardiologists, Endocrinologists, Orthopedics, and Pulmonologists, whowill be encouraged to refer patients to the facility.


Thesewill be another set of are secondary target audience. They areconnected to many people and even organizations across bariatricsservices. Through their word of mouth, they are positioned to bringobese and overweight family members, friends and neighbors to thefacility.


Althoughthere exists a number of bariatrics facilities in Orlando, we arewell positioned to create the brand perception we want in the market.A new facility can clearly communicate how the facility should beperceived. The opportunity to create the image and reputation we wantwill boost performance in the marketplace. On the other hand, it is achallenge since potential clients might want to go to the alreadywell established facilities.

Bariatricsurgeries have no seasons and surgery rates have been said toincrease over time. Over the last 10 years, a significant incrementhas been noted in weight loss procedures performed in the USA peryear (Boero 2012). This means the market is not exhausted.

Thepopulation in the region has increased confidence in term of thesafety of the surgeries, since they are encouraged and endorsed bythe medical community. There is popularity of the surgery in theregion and thus positions the facility among the many others.


Beinga newbrand is a competitive advantage in building a royal following unlikethe already established who may want to re- engage with their targetaudience(Smith, 2011). The facility will have certified bariatrics surgeons.These will contribute greatly in building the image of the facilityand hence advance our market. Kaplan(2011) cites availabilityof professional service provision as a marketing tool.

Majorityof the bariatrics facilities offer bariatrics surgeries along withother services whereas this facility will only concentrate bariatricssurgeries. The services will therefore include Roux-en-Y GastricBypass, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (Lap Band), SleeveGastrectomy and Duodenal Switch. This will create a perception to ourpotential clients that we are bariatrics surgeries specialists andhence be better positioned among the very first facilities a clientwould consider visiting. Our latest surgical technology andequipment specifically for bariatrics patients will also be one ofthe reasons for clients’ consideration of this new facility.

Mostof the facilities in the market area targets female patients. Ourfacility will target the males as well to help increase our marketshare.


  1. To establish and maintain stable relationship with all stakeholders.

  2. To position the facility as the preferred brand for weight loss surgery in Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas.

  3. Have a balanced healthcare provision for both males and females with obesity and overweight conditions.


  1. To have at least 30% of the weight loss surgery market share in Orlando, Florida in the next one year.

  2. To have at least 40% of males from the population visiting our facility for inquiries and surgeries.

  3. To be among the leading bariatrics facilities in Orlando Florida.


Withthe existing competitive challenges, marketing efforts will berequired to establish and maintain a market position and hencecontinued growth. Thefollowing marketingstrategies will be employed:


Asstarting platform for marketing, solidlaunch is very important with today`s dynamic economy so as to becompetitive and profitable(Volkmann, Tokarski, &amp Grünhagen, 2010). It will createawareness of the facility existence in the area and servicesprovided. Press releases will be given during the launch since ourservices are newsworthy.

Socialmedia marketing

Platformslike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube will be usedthroughout the marketing plan to create brand awareness and services.It will be a tool the through which many potential clients will beengaged and be reached. They will also be able to interact with ourbrand. (Zarrella, 2010) , notes that social media provides a valuablevenue to better understand and learn from target audiences Forexample the gaps in the service provision and even what to keep doingto sustain the clients. Such information will help in provision ofquality services and eventually help us achieve goals and objective.


Swanepoel,(2006), terms website as strongestmarketing tool as it is often the first place clients go to getinformation. Itwill beanessential tool to help potential clients find us easily. It is alsoan advertising platform. Health concerns of obesity and overweighton the website will provide the males target audience, who may notcare so much about their body shape unlike females, with obesity andoverweight health information. The facts sheet on the website willencourage them seek assistance. Weight loss success stories will alsobe constantly posted on the website. The website will be promoted onGoogle search engine so as get the maximum exposure.

Wordof mouth

Upto a 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and familyover all forms of advertising and it is also believed to be the mosteffective form of marketing by 64% of marketing executives(Sernovitz, Godin, &amp Kawaskaki, 2015). Ensuring that ourcustomers get excellent services will promote this marketing strategyas they will definitely spread the message about the facility.Employees in all departments will be encouraged to do word of mouthmarketing.


Thiswill be a useful as a marketing tool. Electronic and print mediaadvertising will be run on the mainstream television, radios andnewspapers targeting audiences with consistent messages about healthconcerns on obesity and overweight.


The following budget covers the period of three months.


Coast USD

Website design

Website maintenance

$ 20000

$8000 per month ×3



Social media set up and management

$ 5000 per month ×3


Facility launch:

  • Press releases hard copies for reporters

  • Environment design decorations

  • Speech copies for journalists after the launch

$3 per copy × 100


$3 per copy ×100




Offline marketing – Radio T.V and newspapers advertisements











Marketinginvestments Evaluation

TheStrategicevaluation assessment process provides the performance informationabout programs, and activities designed to meet business goals andobjectives (Pride &amp Ferrel 2016).Evaluation of the marketing program is essential in showingaccountability of finances and other resources. It will also help tosee mistakes done and hence not repeat those in future marketingprograms.

Theestablished social media platforms will be used to gauge the public’sawareness about the new facility and services offered. The number offollowers, likes, and comments will help to gauge the facility’svisibility in the market and the perception. This is through commentsand interaction on the social media. The interactions the websitewill also to gauge awareness about the new facility among the targetaudience. This is by reviewing the number of website visits.

Wordof mouth marketing evaluation will be through a section of the newpatients’ form to be filled by patients visiting the facility. Itwill require them to respond on how they came to know about thefacility. Options including “word of mouth, social media, website,and referral by the specialists or any other” will be among theoptions given. This will help to evaluate to what extent each of thetool has helped in marketing.

Whenthe review is done the bariatricssurgery marketing strategy outcomes will be shared with the internalstakeholders of the facility and hence and provide a platform fordiscussion and adjustments to future marketing.


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