Believe In Your Employees

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BelieveIn Your Employees


BelieveIn Your Employees

Inthe modern management world, employees have become an integral partof every organization, this has, in turn, led to the establishment ofdifferent strategies to motivate them, as well as increasing theirsatisfaction within the organization. Increasing employee engagementin an organization is being an integral element of many businessleaders and managers. Motivating the employees has remained key andpurposeful challenge which entails more than just addressingemployee’s actions. This essay addresses the issue of employeemotivation, satisfaction, and increasing the organization’s believein employees.

Differentapproaches and strategies have been devised with the main focus beingto improve employee performance and motivate them in the process. Oneway is through a clear definition of the employee expectations. Whenthe employees have well-defined and set goals, their focus is clearand tends to have achievable goals. Secondly, the leaders shouldcommunicate appreciation to the employees, as well as providefeedback every now and then. Effective communication and feedback tothe employee make sure to them that they are great assets within anorganization hence motivating them. However, it is key to note that,public correction of an employee is a demotivating factor. In thecase of negative feedback, it should be privately communicated to theemployee, which saves him/her from any embarrassment.

Inaddition to motivating the employees, one factor is through believingin the workers. According to (), employee tend to be motivated in anorganization that shows trust and believe in them. When employees areregarded as worthless will not be motivated hence will be lessinterested in organizational objectives and goals. In addition, theorganization should focus upon professional development among theemployees. Not only does this indicate your desire to work with theemployee, but also encourage them to focus more. Leaders/managersshould choose the correct words to encourage the employees, such as“I know you do better”, which makes the employee feel as part ofthe organizational and important towards the set goals.

Employeeempowerment not only makes them believe in the organizationstrategies and objectives, but also makes them motivated in theirwork. More so, when an organization takes every employee differentlyor as an individual instead of a team, it makes it easier. Showingthe employees the organization bigger picture makes it easier tomotivate them towards the set goals. More so it makes them feel partof the organization’s future, hence increasing their satisfactionas it shows believe in them. On the other hand, the managementshould focus on prioritizing work-life equilibrium for the workers,as well as giving them smaller weekly goals. This not only keeps themfocused on the set goals and objectives, but also motivates them todo more about the organization, hence increasing believes in theemployees.

Inconclusion, as an organization shifts towards believing in theemployees, it, in turn, becomes easier for the employees to bemotivated and also believe in the course of the organizationstrategies and objectives. Effective and positive communicationtowards the employees, use of incentives, positive feedback, andclear employee expectations are part of the factors which not onlymotivates the employees, but also increase their believe towards theorganization as organizations show its believe in the employees.


  1. In the absence of monetary rewards, what other incentives/rewards can be used to reward and show believe in employee, whose responsibility should it be?

  2. What is the role of employees on each other’s motivation?


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