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The items that I believe are instances of pop culture include movies,songs, magazines, novels, newspapers and games. A movie is an itemthat is used to display activities that are preferred in a certainpop culture. In a society, specific movies can be common. I realizethat families can buy and watch same types of movies. The movies,therefore, become popular in that aspect. Their popularity thenqualifies them to be a pop culture. Also, I believe that songs can beexamples of popular culture. If certain kinds of songs are frequentlylistened, played and or bought, they become a pop culture. The songscan then be used to identify uniquely a group of people and hencebecome their pop culture. Furthermore, magazines, novels andnewspapers are other items that I believe are types of pop culture. Asteady purchase of these items by a group makes them a pop culture.In my view, if several groups read or buy same magazines, novels andnewspapers then this makes them a pop culture. Finally, according tomy opinion, games if commonly played in a certain society can bereferred as a pop culture. The games, therefore, unite the society indiverse ways.

These items have a certain level of influence for me or mygeneration. The items highly influence the activities that mygeneration and I do each day. If for instance certain movies are apop culture, my generation and I tend to purchase and watch themonly. Therefore, our actions of watching and buying the movies aregoverned by the pop culture. I think that without these items,diversity would be seen in my generation concerning thoughts andpractices. Similarities between my generation and I greatly influenceby these items. Moreover, the items influence my decision-making. Ifocus on the cultural beliefs to ensure that my decisions do notcause conflict.

The artefact signifies diverse values of the pop culture. Culture isknown to promote unity in a certain group. The artefacts show a signof togetherness in problem solving and accomplishment of dailyactivities. Music, for instance, signifies certain events of popularculture. Moreover, music can be used to deliver a message to a groupof people. Other artefacts represent ways of living by a group ofindividuals. However, some artefacts may go against popular culturalbeliefs. For instance, some texts can be against the beliefs orpractices of a certain group. Advancement in technology can lead tothe growth of new fashions of music, dressing, movies, which cannegatively influence the popular cultures philosophies.

A TV show known as Empire is one of the popular culture artefacts Iconsume. The text originates from white people. The text aimed atentertaining the whites and involved negative black actors’stereotypes. I learn from the group that black people are displayeddifferently. I connected that racial difference creates a differentview of a different race of people. However, I struggled tounderstand why racism exists even in pop cultural artefacts. Also,despite the negative display of the black, I fail to understand whythe artefact attracts black viewers. Furthermore, I do not understandwhy there is a reluctance to celebrate the black actors even thoughthey display strong characters. Several things surprise me about theEmpire TV show. Despite being based on racial lines, the artefactkeeps on advancing and taking part as a pop cultural text.