Brief Analysis The Hunger Games (Dystopia)

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BriefAnalysis: The Hunger Games (Dystopia)

BriefAnalysis: The Hunger Games (Dystopia)

Dystopiais a type of society that is described to be undesirable,frightening, and characterized by dehumanization, totalitariangovernment, environmental disasters and other challenges associatedwith societal decline. The Capitol employs the Hunger Games tocontrol the masses in the district. It holds the annual Hunger Gameswhereby each district among the twelve chooses one male and onefemale, between twelve and eighteen years of age who are sent to takepart in the death match (Collins, 2008). Those who win are assumed toacquire wealth for the rest of their lives. The Capitol considersthis as a form of entertainment while as per the twelve districts itacts as a kind of punishment for having attempted to rebel in thepast and a reminder to them that they are still being controlledentirely by the government. The youngsters are imprisoned in a vastoutdoor arena whereby they fight to the death. This shows thedistrict`s residents how they have little chances of rebelling again.The district, from which the winner comes from, receives prizes inthe form of oil and grains while the other districts struggle withhunger.

Dystopiais further portrayed by how the Capitol separates and isolates thedifferent districts and prevents them from ever communicating,uniting and organizing. The residents of the Capitol live anextravagant lifestyle. Everything including food of all type theyneed is at their disposal. On the other hand, the district`s citizensstruggle hard to make a living they wake up early to go to the minesand others go hunting. For example, they go hunting in Catnips andrisk being struck by an electric shock of the fence (Collins, 2008).Their peacekeepers are also struggling to survive till they turn ablind eye to the parching, which they should be working hard toabolish because they are also beneficiaries of it.


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