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Many challenges tend to arise when issues ofmanagement of stakeholders come into play they get manifested orcrop up due to factors such as the initiation of a global enterpriseof even a local company. A significant challenge that gets displayedis that of culture and the differences that exist in it, anddifferent countries embrace different cultures(Zourrig &amp Toffoli, 2015). Forinstance in Asian countries, they may not conquer in a suitablemanner with cultures that are usually more aggressive while basingjudgment on the aggressiveness of cultures, some of the people whouphold less aggressive habits might end up feeling threatenedespecially by outsiders. Stakeholders do not usually prefer most ofthe dynamic cultures, especially from outsiders( Baxter,&nbsp2009).

Stake holders, who get involved in management,tend to face some challenges that range from the expected genderroles, courtesy to customs. Different countries operate on differentprinciples as well as practices, and this might display a differencein the manner to which a country perceive another country’scourtesies and customs since they might feel weird or even lead tomassive controversies. For example in some countries like Uganda someways of showing courtesy are usually by women kneeling down whilegreeting visitors and their husbands, but to other nations in Asiaand America, such a practice might cause a controversy leading todifferent views (Muscalu, 2014).

The stakeholders who indulge in management, tendto follow a stipulated cooperative model that provide a framework formanagement, these speakers gets seen as the voice of an organizationsince they posses or tend to uphold a larger say in theirorganizations especially those that embrace a cooperative model.Although the collaborative model takes longer on matters concerningdecision making, they usually ensure that all other parties get anequal chance to have a say within the organization. It is practicallyevident that countries have regions within them, and these areas getinhabited by a vast population, so in a case of an expansion of theseorganizations, the inclusion of the local population might play anessential role in ensuring that the needs of the stakeholders getcomprehended.


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