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Businessethics acts as moral principles that guide the way the businessesoperate. Through business ethics, issues within the business areaddressed either being right or wrong (Rothaermel, 2014). There isfairness within the business with both the organization and itscustomer having a win-win situation. Personal ethics is usuallyconsidered as the main foundation in running ethics in business. Theway employees represent themselves in an organization or a firm interms of communication and behavior is imperative. Businesses alwaysmake competitive returns from the customers and treat their clientswith respect and understanding. They also take the mainresponsibility of minimizing any harm that occurs to its mainenvironment such as ensuring the business operates devoid of anyabusive language. In business, the social issues are the issues thathave considerable influence on a number of people within the businessthese issues are usually the main consequence of other factors thatusually extends beyond one`s individual social issues such as one’sself-discipline and self-conscience (Rothaermel, 2014).

Businessethical question

Inpolicy perspective, the customers within UBS are obligated to theirright of privacy since there are laws and regulations that guaranteethe privacy of customers, their personal information should not bedisclosed to any company or individuals. Due to a social issue whichinvolved self-guilt the former employee of this organization, thepersonal information of the customer was disclosed and this may haveled to the issue of lack of trust by the customer to thisorganization later. Due to the proper personal code of conduct, theformer employee of UBS acted in an ethical manner by making the rightdecision of helping US government against UBS and this led to thedetection of fraud of tax evading.

TheSwiss bank was acting in an unethical manner in helping its customerin evading taxes. Though the bank had a chance of accruing somebenefits it later led to negative issues such as legal issues thatcomprise of heavy finings. The bank had also to wallow inundesirable reputation to the local community within. There areissues of compliance and the governance issues, the Swiss bank failedto comply with the federal and environmental laws and this led to thelose-lose situation and the bank could have lost its license. On theissue of the social issue, the former employer social conflict or theinner guilt is what led him to offer his help in the investigation ofhow the transactions were occurring (Rothaermel, 2014). He chose towork with the government and disclosed how the company operated thetransactions and how he did also help his clients in evading tax too.Though he suffered 40 months prison sentence his guilty plea made himmake the right decision

Bibleverses and brief discussion

InMark 12:17 Jesus was addressing the issue of payment of taxes whilehe was speaking in parables. He talked about individuals shouldrender unto the Caesar the things which belong to him and render toGod those things that also belongs to God. Romans 13:1 every personis to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is noauthority except God, and those which exist are established by God. In Acts 5:29 Peter addressed the issue of obeying God rather than aman. There need to be harmony and respect to the authorities. Peopleshould pay taxes to facilitate the operations of a given authority.

Analysisof Bible verse importance

Inmark 12:17 Jesus was affirming on the issue of roman taxation wherethe people of Roman Empire were supposed to pay taxes to Caesar.Jesus through this verse was stressing on the need of giving out therightful things to the supposedly individual and the need of notbeing selfish. This bible verse emphasizes on the need of the peoplecomplying with the government regulations such as paying taxes. Thereis an emphasis on the issue of loyalty and complying with thegovernment regulation and also, this bible verse emphasizes on howindividuals should be able to live a submission to some of theprevailing laws within their land. UBS was going against this verseby helping some of its customer in avoiding paying taxes. The moneycollected by these people was subject to be utilized in selfishambition crippling the functions of government (Metzger, 1971).

InRoman 13:1, this bible speaks on the issue of individuals subjectingthe governing authority. In ethical perspective citizens of anynations are supposed to comply with the governing authority followthe rules and the regulations of the country. The people are alsosupposed to have an understanding that it’s God who ordains thegovernment authority and hence they are supposed to subject to it.The government has the obligation of protecting the law-abidingcitizens and also punish the individuals who fail to abide by theirlaw. As individuals who act in an unethical manner and fail to complywith tax, payment is punished through jail sentence. The governmentcan succeed in doing this by legislating morality.

Roman13:5stresses on individuals subjecting to the government since it is onlyfor the good of individuals but also it is the right thing to do.This stresses the need of having self-conscience and guilt whichdrives individual in doing the right thing as the former employee ofUBS did cooperate with the US government since he was driven to dothe right thing. This verse helps individuals in the keeping ofinward obedience and being honest on the issue of your income taxesforms hence having a clear conscience before God. Roman 13:6-7addresses on the issue of paying taxes and also giving crucialrespect to the government officials being a part of the submission onthe consideration that these rulers are usually the servant of God.This verse shows that Swiss bank failed in considering to thesubmission of their customer taxes and it is only the intervention ofthe government and help of the former employee that they were able toget a hold on the tax evaders (Metzger, 1971).

Acts5:29 focuses on the obedient to God rather than on men. Peter wasemphasizing on the obedient to peoples like rulers and magistrate inthings that are not necessarily repugnant to God will but God is tobe obeyed in all things. There is no justification of individualsneglecting orders given by the people in the authority of the thingsthat are civil and lawful. The Swiss bank should have complied withthe government request for the names of individual not complying withtax payment.


Businessethics handles some of the ethical problem which usually arises inthe business environment. This ethics usually applies to many of thebusiness aspects in how the business is conducted. The ethics and thesocial issue affect the conducts of individuals in an organizationsetup. Some of the bible verse can be used in analyzing ethicalissues in the business as seen in Mark 12:17, which addresses theissue of taxation, Acts 5:29 address the need of obedience andcomplying with regulations and the book of Romans , Romans 13:1-7 addresses the issue of being subjective to the government and also onthe issue of self-consciousness.


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