Camera Distances and Shots

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Camera distances and shots are important in assisting a filmmakermake his or her points. There are different types of camera shots andeach is used to communicate something different. To illustrate thedifferent camera shots and their use, the film “The Dark Knight”is used. The long shot is important in showing the background, tointroduce the viewer to the environment of the video (Moura, 2015).The shot has been used in the movie’s scene 01:22:15, to show aninterrogation room and Gordon entering the room, while Joker issitting and handcuffed.

In showing the emotions of characters, mid shots and close up shotsare also used. These are used to depict the Joker’s reaction toGordon as he enters the interrogation room. Extreme close up shotsare employed to draw the concentration of the viewer to a specificdetail. The shot is apparent in a scene where full lights have beenswitched on, to show the Joker wince due to the light. The shot showsthe detail, which is important and possible to miss when other shotsare used (Moura, 2015). Another important camera shot is the insertshot. In part I of the film, 00:12:11 to 00:12:13 we see a truckchasing after a police car. An insert shot is apparent as the sceneshows the pictures on the truck. It does not focus on characters, butis used in highlighting a relevant object, the truck.

The different camera directions also communicate different points.The movie “The Walk” is employed in illustrating the differentcamera directions. These include zooming, where the camera brings theobjects closer to the viewer and enlarges them. In the film, thecamera zooms in from the crowd observing the protagonist to theprotagonist walking on the wire. The objective is to enlarge anobject and make it more significant than other objects in the film.Panning involves moving the camera in a horizontal way. As theprotagonist walks on the wire, panning is used to show his positionat different angles. Tilt is a camera direction involving moving thecamera up to down and vice versa. The camera direction is used toobtain either an undershot or overshot. An undershot is used to showthat the character is looking at something above them. The objectiveis to make the subject small or vulnerable. The camera direction hasbeen used on numerous occasions as the protagonist walks on the wire,to show how small he appears between two tall buildings.


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