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Nameof the Institution

AMERIVETINFOSEC LLC is business registered by US Federal contractor and aleader in the computer and Technology Company. This is a minority,service disabled veteran owned small business (AMERIVET INFOSEC LLC,2016).


Achievehigh quality and up to date data solutions for our clients andprovide on time upgrades to the system.

Ourareas of expertise

Weoffer current upgrades for the software and hardware installations,replacing the computer hardware and destroying the unwanted data,scanning and patching up the data as well as offering the back up.


Theworld that we are living in is highly regulated by the on timeinformation that we get at this digital era. With the technologychanging at a very fast rate, we endeavor to provide the fastest andmost accurate information to our client as well as being the leaderin the computer based technology in the United States.


Weare looking for the federal or government contracts which are relatedto the services that we provide.


Weoffer a variety of computer services within our range, and this helpsour customers to reduce their operation costs as we offer them a widerange of solutions on time. The company has been offering theseservices registered through codes 541511Custom Computer ProgrammingServices, 541512 Computer Systems Design Services, 541513 ComputerFacilities Management Services, 541519 Other Computer RelatedServices, and 561990 Documents Shredding Services (AMERIVET INFOSECLLC, 2016). Our company also supports the wellbeingof our societythrough charities where we offer hope to those who might be victimsof life changing ailments.


AMERIVETINFOSEC LLC (2016). Available at