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Ichose Senior Admin Executive in SLS Bearing (s) Pte Ltd position formy case. Any executive position in an organization attracts competentpeople in the industry and competition becomes stiffer. There is awide supply of business related jobs personnel compared to technicaljob-related personnel (Glancy and Ker, 2010). Also, the requirementto have served in the capacity of the same as executive administratorlimits the number of successful applicants as these positions arealways few in any organization thus there is low supply due to Pestelfactors. These are:-


Peopleholding these position in other organization are perhaps comfortableand do not feel like leaving those organization as they have alreadyestablished roots and a sense of belonging thus the market demand forthese executive mechanical jobs is not always that high. Anothercontributory factor is beliefs, there are competent people butconfine themselves to work in particular regions only and avoid otherthat don’t support their beliefs.


Competitorsalso influence the job market of this positions as they are vital inan organization. Mostly this job market is characterized by a lot ofemployee poaching in between competitors (Glancy and Ker, 2010). Theindustry labor market analysis for this position I picked is usuallycharacterized by high competent personnel’s, and the supply of thelabor is not usually that high due the qualification demands andspecifics (Glancy and Ker, 2010).


Itrefers to matters of governance, legal issues and national securityof a whole nation. People need peace and comfort in their jobs. Veryfew people would seek to be executive administrator in anorganization located in politically unstable and poorly establishedlegal remedies for workers.(Glancy and Ker, 2010). But the politicalstability of Singapore attracts applicants as there is sense ofsecurity, well established labor laws and unions.


It’sa position in a mechanical organization and technology cannot beseparated from the daily running of the organization. Technologicalknowhow in this job market is paramount and will influence who meetsthe cut (Glancy and Ker, 2010). Job opening in mechanical categorywill always require for a background technical skill or softwareknowhow. Equipping yourself with an additional technical skill orsoftware usage knowledge might be helpful.


SWOTrefers to strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats anorganization has relative to a particular market. (Houben et al,2010). The SWOT analysis is competitive advantage tool for testingthe survival of an organization in a market. The first two componentsof SWOT are internal factor factors of an organization while the lasttwo are external.

SLSorganization has various strengths. It has majored on employing ofexperienced personnel with product know-how. Also provides extraexperience through training and seminar workshops. Also, SLS providessafe and conducive working environment. Customers are provided withtechnical expertise to help them detect and prevent unwarrantedbreakdowns. Also, the organization has adopted the use of technologyin interlinking the organization branches to enable automated checksand automated storage and retrieval system. The organizationmotivates its employees to be involved in various community careprograms and it participates in philanthropic acts. The above actionshave been to improve the efficiency and the image of the organization(Slsbearing, 2016).

Weakness,when organization sale or manufactures a lot of commodities itbecomes difficult to market them individually or to form productbranding (Houben et al., 1999. SLS products are not easy to identifyon streets making it difficult to sell the brand. Another issue isthe use of dealer who might not have the same zeal in selling orinteracting with customers as parent organization.

The21stcentury is a technological and mechanical era machine has replacedthe hand (Houben et al., 1999). The growth in use of mechanicalproducts have enabled The SLS organization to open various branchesin Mongolia, Malaysia, China and Singapore and keeps on tapping themarket gap in various countries.

Anorganization faces a threat from its competitor’s and new entrantsin the market (Houben et al., 1999). Slsbearing faces stiffcompletion from Putzmeister, and even penetration of Asian market isnot that easy due to bureaucracies and existing competitors in theindustry.


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