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Whatthe article is about

The article is about a physically challenged woman Bonnie, who beforeher state of disability can be said to have been successful as acareer woman. Her case is that of a physically challenged womanstruggling to gain acceptance in the society after the demise of herhusband who was supportive.

Case findings

The findings do reflect much on people’s perception of disability.Disability is depicted negatively in the society, and many would notassociate with people facing the same. The case of Bonnie reflectssuch sentiments where before the disruption of her physical being,she did get the attention from people but the same has since thenchanged. People view her physical disability as an impediment to herbeing able to execute her duties (Schulz, 2010).

Identity Rupture and Reconstruction

Identify rupture can be described as a state where one’s identityis lost the moment they lose their normal physical being. For thecase of Bonnie, she was admired by many based on her capabilities inher consultancy before the disability. Her identity was rupturedafter the accident where she was subjected to the wheelchair.Self-reconstruction is the entire process when one tries to get backto their usual self despite the change in their physical state.

Occupational disruptions

Occupational disruption is a state where the performance of one’swork is affected because of factors such as physical impairment andhow they relate to other people. In the case of Bonnie, she has tochange how she carries out her duties because of her physicaldisability and people’s perception of her fitness as a lawyer andconsultant.

Workplace marginalization

It is a state when employees are disengaged from the others becauseof their physical traits. Bonnie is treated in the same way as otheremployees think she has been hired because of her physicaldisability.

Disability and sense of belonging

People who are disabled end up having a low self-esteem making themlose a sense of belonging.

Importance of article

It elaborates the negative attitudes held by individuals towardsthose who are physically challenged and serves as a reminder to thesociety to change their perception of people with physicaldisabilities.

Feelings about case

The case depicts evidently that physical disability is not inability.Bonnie can execute her duties despite her physical disability. It isencouraging that she has the positive attitude despite herdisability.


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