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CaseStudy: Fran Hayden Joins DairyEngineering


AlternativeSolutions Due to the aspects analyzed in this case studythey result in the major problem of conflict. Speaking of conflicts,the aspects concerning disagreements being experienced among peoplecome out boldly. Employees and employers do not understand eachother or agree to an issue leading to clashes either verbally orphysically. From the case study in question, the time when Peter goesfor leave, he leaves Fran, his employee at work. Rob uses hisposition in the company to manipulate and persuade Fran to go for amanagement workshop in Auckland. Although Fran knows very well thatPeter will come up with issues concerning the same, Rob asserts thathe would talk to Peter concerning the issue (Arvinen-Muondo &ampPerkins, 2013). When Peter resumes work, he finds out that Fran hadgone for a workshop without his consultation. He is frantic andasserts that his power is undermined. A conflict ascends between himand Fran till the time Peter fires her.

Thereare various solutions to the problem encountered in this company.Some of these solutions are outlined below including theirdisadvantages and advantages:

  • Enacting a system of communication in its operation, that is exemplary in nature. The major advantage of this is that both employees and employers will always communicate thus eradicating any form of confusion and disagreements that may arise time after time. Rob always assured Fran that he will talk to Peter, but he failed to do so. This may be attributed to poor communication system in the company. One disadvantage to this solution is that some people may feel more inferior than others thus refrain themselves from communicating (Arvinen-Muondo &amp Perkins, 2013).

  • Hold regular meetings so that issues that are not clear are clarified in an open way. Fran`s problem became worse since she was only meeting individuals and sharing her issue thinking that they will be of help. If the company can be holding meetings on a regular basis, Fran could use that platform to air out her problem, and it could be solved amicably. Addressing issues in such a way are essential since no one gets time to react in a way that is selfish in nature. Peter seemed to have a personal hatred towards Fran. This could not happen if the Fran could address it in an open meeting involving every employee. However, this solution has only one disadvantage in that not all the workers will turn up for the meeting. Therefore, if such happens and the issues are addressed with part of the employees missing, the problem may not be solved. It may repeat time after time.

  • The human resource department in the company should clearly outline each worker’s responsibility. Fran was hired for a cost accounting position, a position she never did instead, she was taken to MIS where she was not told what her main duties will be. Outlining the responsibilities of each worker is essential in the sense that each employee ensures that his or her duties are well executed and thus eradicating confusion. However, this solution will be disadvantaged in a way that some of the managers may ignore the duties and still manipulate employees to carry out duties for their sectors thus abandoning their sectors in which they were duly assigned (Arvinen-Muondo &amp Perkins, 2013).

Recommendations Havingsolutions without implementing that does more harm than good to thecompany. The solutions outlined above should be put in practice toimprove proper supervision and administration of the company. For theDairy Engineering, we recommend a creation of a communication systemthat will see good communication between the employees and theemployer. This solution is justifiable because due to poorcommunication in the company, Rob failed to address the issue inwhich he seemed to be the right person to handle. Good communicationwill ensure that there is a good rapport between the employees andthe employers. Regular meetings of the staff and the managers arealso recommended. Addressing issues in open meetings hinder anybodywho acts in an unprofessional way to make decisions that are notprofessional. The solution will help any staff that feels offended toair out his or her issues without feeling intimidated. Anotherrecommendation is the practice of outlining the responsibilities ofworkers. If these commendations are implemented, the dairyengineering company with have affluence its management and runningthus growth and progress of the company.


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