Change Manager

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Thework of the change manager is to make sure that the interventions areexecutedinline withthe results that aredesired.Thechange manager should oversee the execution of the interventionsin such a way that the changes that resultassistpeople in the organization to improve their performance(Rothwell,Hohne &amp King, 2012).Their role is like the role of a project manager who overseesperformance improvement interventions to make sure that the changesenforced result in results that are desired and wanted in theorganization.

Therole may help improve the performance of the organization through thecore competenciesof the change manager. The skillsensure that results areachievedthrough proper understanding of change desired and how it will affectthe results(Rothwell, Hohne &amp King, 2012).The project manager also conducts research to know the change that isneeded in the industry to achieve results. The manager may alsoimprove organizational performance through proper communication toother workers concerning the needs of the organization. The knowledgeof the change manager concerning group dynamics may be important toensure that the teams in the organization work well through theproper selection of the individuals who should have stakes in theparticular changes. The change manager should also have skillsconcerning consultation. Therefore, the manager may improve theorganizational performance by giving required advice concerning theprojects.

Potentialand actual obstacles to the role of change manager may includeinadequate finances to fund project budgets (Rothwell,Hohne &amp King, 2012).For instance, the manager may present the administration with abudget and it isnot approveddue to inadequate funds or the manager is forced to work with limitedresources.Considering that most of the failures in organization result frompoor management, when the changes involve the management, the changemanager may lack cooperation to facilitate change in the structure(Turner, Kristoffer &amp Thurloway, 2002).


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