Changing Communication (Framing and Reframing)

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ChangingCommunication (Framing and Reframing)

ChangingCommunication (Framing and Reframing)

Reshapingof a mindset is one of the most complex issues that can be faced incommunication. This is due to the fact that perceptions are usuallyinfluenced by the emotional as well as mental/intellectual aspects ofhumanity. In this regard framing describes the mental structure ofperception that has its foundation upon the beliefs, feelings andattributes about oneself, circumstances or other people. This meansthat framing can be either negative leading do development of limitsthat hinder progress or it can be positive leading to expansion ofpossibilities and opportunities to surge forward. Reframing doesn’tdrift far from framing as the two are quite related. Reframingtherefore attributes to the change that is imparted in order tointerrupt the negative frames that limit the progress towardsachievement of goals and objectives by interrupting and replacingthem with new frames that are more supportive and helpful.

Incommunication, a combination of tools can be effectively utilized topass information across and there are two aspects namely the open andthe closed systems. While the open system focuses on the interactionand exchange of information within parties involved, closed systemshappen in a one way facet for example a lecture. The two systems canbe used in various instances such as debates where the open system isput in play. In both systems, different thoughts come out and indifferent perspectives. In open system for example, two or morepeople in a debate are likely to present more than a single school ofthought. The closed system will likely depict a single perspectivefrom the one person who is presenting the ideas. All in all, theinteraction will involve reframing of the major theme depending onthe perceptions of the people involved.

Theability to shift the frames that people have with respect to certainissues is one of the key elements for good communication. This isquite evident especially in negotiations, politics and professionalswhereby the previous information is recalibrated to bring out a newlight bringing out new perspectives that were previously notacceptable by the persons involved. This therefore brings the aspectof change in reframing. In order for successful change to occur it isimperative for reframing to cover a range of features includingmorals, legitimacy and emotion. For successful change to occur, theunderstanding and comprehension must first be altered from theprevious mindset to the new perception which can then be accompaniedby action.

Atone point in life, everyone experiences a turning point in terms ofthe beliefs and established attitudes one has. Growing up with adislike in mathematics led to the decline in performance and in thelong run, the mind-set that algebra was hard became fixated. However,a friend realized my ability to do simple real life calculations andthus begun the string of talks and encouragement insisting that theidea of math being hard is all in the mind. Soon enough, I decided totry the proposition to treat the subject as one of the favorites bybeing enthusiastic about classwork, assignments and groupdiscussions. Amazingly, the grades started going up and up eventuallycompeting with some of the top students. This is a good example ofreframing which began from changing the perspective whichsubsequently influenced the actions that followed.