Character and Role of Sabeth in the Novel Homo Faber

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Characterand Role of Sabeth in the Novel Homo Faber

Characterand Role of Sabeth in the Novel Homo Faber

HomoFaber is a novel narrating the events that happened involving themain character Walter Faber who experienced many challenges as hewent through his life. He is a man who has problems regarding hisrelationships and he also has health issues in his stomach. Thisnovel takes us through the journeys he made, how he met his daughterSabeth and has a relationship with her not knowing that she is hisdaughter. Later on Sabeth passes on and Walter has to find solacefrom Hanna who was his previous lover and also the mother ofElisabeth. Things turn out to be worse for him as his healthdeteriorates and the narrative ends as he is going in to be operated.The inconclusive ending does not tell whether he got well or not. Inthis paper, the roles and the characterization of Elisabeth will bediscussed.

Sabeth(Elisabeth) is a 20 year old woman who features in this story and oneof the main characters that she shows is that she is educated. Thiscan be seen by the way she is able to speak more than one language.These languages include English, German and French. In addition tothis, the ability to learn so many languages can also be attributedto her sharpness. She is quite knowledgeable and sharp to the extentof being able to learn these language while she is still at the veryyoung age of 20 years. Furthermore, based on the fact that she was isstill a student, she makes use of the information that is provided toher which is likely the contributing factor to the languages shespeaks.

Itcan also be seen that Sabeth is trusting. In this novel, throughoutthe narration, she keeps on believing that Joachim is his father.Despite the reality which shows that Walter is the real father, sheholds on to this belief trusting that what she knows is the truth.Her trusting character can also be depicted in the way she trustsWalter Faber to the extent of meeting him and going out with him tohave coffee where they end up being close friends. Bearing in mindthat they only met in a boat as strangers, she still has trust inWalter that he is a good person that is why she agrees to go out withhim.

Sabethis also adventurous since she seems to like going to places andvisiting them. This character of being venturesome has been shown bythe way she travels in the boat where she meets Walter who was alsopart of the ocean voyage. The two also like going to places includingwhere Sabeth was bitten by a snake as well as the travels he goes towith Walter. Her ability to speak the various languages also suggestthat she has travelled to various parts of the world where she gainedinterest and learned the languages.

Theloving character of Sabeth can also be seen in this novel. During herinteraction with Walter Faber, they develop a friendship which in theend leads to the growth and development of intimacy between them andthey end up being lovers. Throughout the narrative, Sabeth lovesWalter very much and in the process she is able to bring out someemotional aspects out of Walter which were hidden before the two ofthem met. The way she treats him well indicates that she truly lovedhim and in the end Walter is sorrowful when he loses her throughdeath after the snake bite.

Inaddition to these characters, Sabeth is also impulsive andspontaneous and this has been portrayed by the way she takes riskswithout being afraid and also with haste. She embarks on a trip on aboat with a male companion, she talks to a stranger withoutforethought and soon they become friends. In addition she also makeshasty decisions without being inhibited for example she enters intoan intimate and sexual relationship with Walter Faber without takingtime to delve deeper into knowing all about him. If she had been morecareful, it is possible that she would have discovered that she washaving a relationship with her own father.

Sabethis also a beautiful woman with a good and upright character. It ispossible that both her beauty and her behavior are the reasons as towhy Walter Faber felt attracted to her. In addition, Walter wasalways trying to flee from binding relationships including abandoningHanna as well as avoiding Ivy for being too clingy on him. Howeverthis time round, the character of Sabeth and her beauty draws him toher and this instance shows clearly that the effect Sabeth had on himwas sufficient enough to change his behavior of avoidingrelationships.

Muchof the characters of Sabeth are observed in a positive light butthere are other characteristics which are negative. One of thesenegative characteristics that come out very clearly is that Sabeth isimmoral. This can be seen by the way she forms a friendship withFaber and eventually this relationship escalates to a sexualrelationship without the two getting into a formal arrangementspecifically a wedding or marriage ceremony. This act is a strongindicator that she is a sexually immoral woman.

Therole of Sabeth in this narrative seems to bring out various aspectsincluding fate and coincidence which can be seen by the events occurconcurrently and by chance without any apparent visible connectionfor example the coincidental meeting of father and daughterunknowingly. She therefore brings the aspect that chance meeting canoccur. Her role is also depicted by the way she influences her fatherFaber in a way in which we can see that he begins to feel open aroundher including expressing his emotions as well as intuition in herpresence, something which he was not used to portray outwardly.

Wecannot also forget the role of Sabeth that acts as a link to thereconnection of Faber and his long forgotten lover Hanna who is alsothe mother of Sabeth. It is through Sabeth that Faber realizes thathis lover was his daughter and that Hanna is still alive and is themother to Sabeth. It is also through Sabeth that both Hanna and Fabermeet again although under the difficult circumstances of her death.Furthermore, her death brings the two former lovers even closer asWalter Faber seeks to find consolation from Hanna and also therealization that he had actually lost a lot including a home, afamily and most of all his own daughter.