Characteristics of Movies in the Romance Film Genre

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A genre can be defined as a group of artistic composition inliterature or music that is usually characterized by similarities instyle, form or subject matter. Based on research conducted throughperforming searches for film genres from the and RottenTomatoes’ websites, it evident that some movies that fall under the“Romance Films” category does not feature love stories (,2016). The following is a list of criteria describing themovies to be categorized in the “romance films” genre.

  1. Romance movies feature love stories and affairs that center on emotion and passion, and usually involve a leading man and a lady.

  2. Usually, the love story in a film begins with an encounter of a man or woman with a stranger where the journey of their love begins.

  3. For a movie to be included in the romance genre, it must depict the journey that the love between the lead characters takes through courtship or even marriage.

  4. A leading character is involved in a love triangle where he/she admires or falls in love someone else outside their relationship.

  5. The main plot focus of a romance film presents characters searching for love and fantasizes the moments when the two have an encounter, for example, a kiss and a hug.

  6. The lovers involved in the romantic dramas usually face obstacles, hardships, physical illnesses and psychological restraints that threaten to destroy their relationship and attainment of love.

  7. Temptations of infidelity and the tensions of everyday life usually enter into the plots of these romantic films.

  8. The leading characters at the beginning of a movie seem to lead lonely and solitary lives, and then fall in love with strangers, who complicate or bring good fortunes in their lives.

  9. Romantic films may also feature stories of successful and admirable relationships that does not involve the characters, for example, in The Princess Bride, a 1987 film, a young boy’s grandfather narrates a love story to him while at home, sick in bed (, 2016).

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