Classroom Assessment Technique

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ClassroomAssessment Technique


ClassroomAssessment Technique

Creatinga CAT

Thispost concerns the (CAT). A CAT postusually acts a tool that the instructors can utilize to collect somevital information concerning the learning of the students (Eder,2013). It is very useful in the guidance or the improvement ofinstructions. Therefore, on a weekly basis, a CAT post will beperformed, and it will be present in the week’s Discussion QuestionForums. For the students, the feedbacks you will be offering will beparamount in the provision of useful insights regarding what you havecovered from the discussion we have had. As such, the CATs willenable the classroom to discuss further, clarify, as well asre-emphasize some of the topics and concepts before moving to thenext topic.

Forthe current week, we have covered the role of health care reform withthe of focus shifting from the system of a disease-oriented healthcare to that of the wellness and prevention. More so, we determinedthe manner in which nursing fits in this transition. After thoroughreflection, kindly respond to the following

Ascertainthe role of health care transition from the disease-oriented systemof health care toward that of prevention and wellness.

Putdown one paragraph that explains the choice of words.

Howdoes nursing fit in the shift of this health care system?

Canyou mention at least five aspects of this change?

Arethere any benefits and drawbacks that come along with this shifting?

Thefeedbacks will be counted as a post of participation. Therefore, Ianticipate to read and learn a lot from your posts. The responses youwill give to this CAT may be regarded as this week’s requiredsubstantive responses.


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