Climate Change

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Climate Change



Climatechange is affecting the world in remarkable ways. Facing and limitingthese effects needs the world’s collaboration. For that, anagreement has been signed by more than 190 countries to face theseclimate changes. This agreement was done in Paris on December 2015and was the first real collaboration between these countries in theworld. The agreement has had these countries set goals on facing theclimate changes occurring and affecting the world today. One of themost crucial goals set is about limiting temperature rises to below 2degrees. Moreover, they formulated a path to keep all countries inthe same path and phase. To keep the agreement, countries will set uplong-term goals that will keep tracking these processes every fiveyears using new technologies. They have also set up a transparentsystem that requires everyone in these countries to follow whichincludes limiting greenhouse gas emissions using Technical Reviewprocess. All findings from the above process will be reported. Onesignificant sector of the agreement is that the financial aspect ofthe process will not be a preventing factor to the progress becausedeveloped countries will support developing counties to meet theirgoals and lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

However,this agreement only focused on the industrial fields and has nothingto do with the people’s daily interaction with the environment. Thenext step of the Paris Agreement could be focusing on people’sdaily interaction, activities and consumption. Choosing this sectoras the next step supports the Paris agreement for several reasons.The most important reason is that the limits on the daily consumptionwill make huge savings on all sources around us. Also, instead ofputting all the effort on limiting the effects, we can limit ourusage and consumption, which will, in turn, limit the production andimpact afterwards. This could be done in two directions. This couldbe by switching to efficient use and teaching young generations onhow to do things that are environmentally friendly. Teaching theyoung generations on how to do things that are environmentallyfriendly will save the efforts of these countries in future. All inall, the behavior of people and their consumption are the key pointsto the next phase of the climate change agreement.

Thefirst step is to start teaching the young generations in all of thesecountries about the agreement. Kids spend most of their time inschools which means that these schools could come up with programs toteach them numerous environmentally friendly habits. They should beclear on teaching kids about using sources such as water, food andenergy sources wisely. As a starting point for the schools teachingthese kids new habits, countries need to have a long term plan withelaborate steps within them. Also, a timeline will limit each step totwo years. The first two years will start with teaching kids, atleast, two habits, and after the two years, a new set of habits willbe added to the old two. This way, they will apply the new habit inthe first year and take the second year to adapt to the changes.

Thefirst suggestion involves electricity usage. One of the habits tostart with is plugging in devices only when they necessary. Teachingkids new habits will be easy if they see role models such as theirteachers in school do the same. Therefore, teachers have to startdoing that in schools in front of their students. Plug the devices inwhen they need to and unplug them when they are done.

Thesecond habit to also start with is using papers more efficiently. Onteaching this habit, not only seeing a role model doing it will helpbut also forcing students will help. Using paper more efficientlymeans many things. First, using both sides of the paper is a goodhabit. Secondly, only printing the necessary article and text is alsoanother good habit. To avoid the consumption of excess paper,everyone is asked to send their assignment by email and not acceptingpaper copies. If the paper copy is necessary, they could require itprinted on both sides. These two changes will be made in the firsttwo years. After that, two other habits will be added with these two.All of these habits applied will add on to the school’s agenda, andthat will maintain the environmental development by the school. Fromother prospective, schools will be an environmental institute and thestart point on growing green generations.

Thepeople’s consumption can be tackled in many ways. First step, thesecountries can choose a few consumption habits to start with. On onehand, they can choose actions that affect the environment most. Onthe other hand, they can focus on the making easier changes, as abeginning. After that, finding alternatives and other sources andhabits could follow in due time. The changing or switching places canhave two consumption habits to change.

Oneof the changes to start with is switching to efficient lights whichwill need the collaboration of the electricity company supplyingelectricity in that country with their respective governments. One ofthe efficient light choices is the fluorescent lights which areenergy efficient, last longer and save money. A suggested plan on howto apply them is by warning people about energy losses in the firsttwo years which encourage them to switch to the fluorescent lights.At the same time, offering free lights and installation to people whohaven’t had a switch on the first period will be a good idea. Afterthat, during the following two years, a tax fee should be imposed onusing the old versions of lights, and warning the rest about a latefee after these two years. At the end of this period, most of theresidence will be switched to fluorescent lights. In the last twoyears, the countries will force people who did not switch tofluorescent light to switch but introducing a late fee. On thisprocess, the country will make sure that everyone is switched toefficient use lights. This process could be applied on to switch alot of devices for efficient energy use. Moreover, the next step canapply switching to efficient other devices in the same bath with anyneeded changes. This step should be guided by these countries signingthe agreement and applied by electricity’s companies. This will, inturn, make people install new lights.

Anotherconsuming habit that can be formed is to be more efficient with waterusage. One of the big sectors in water use is showering, and that isa significant sector to limit. Controlling people’s showering time,and providing them with efficient showering taps could limit thissector. That is not an easy task because it is in people’s privatelife style, but some pieces of advice and tricks could be used. Onforming this habit, many countries will need high levels ofcollaboration. It will need the country’s power, water programs oracts, social media, and factors providing the showering tabs. Aftergetting these parts agreements done, the plan will be drawn withsetting a time frame. The first step to start with is informingpeople to shorten their showering time. To decide on the reasonabletime for people usage and the best for the water consuming,scientific calculations should be done. The showering time needs tobe short regardless of the scientific experiments on the time peopleusually spend and the possibility to shorten that to the minimum.After setting the perfect showering time, this information could becommunicated in many ways such as TV, social media, and posters instreets which can be done in the first two years. After these twoyears, technology can be used to limit the showering time. That couldbe applied in reality by devices that can be timed to stop flashingwater after the time that has been set. These devices would beinstalled free in these two years, and applying tax fee for the nexttwo years. On the last two years, when tax fees applied, late feeswill start to apply to people who still do not have an efficient tabon their shower.

Thesechanges on habits and growing new generations on an environmentallyfriendly way will support the effort of all of the countries going tolimit the climate change effects. These key points on switching andeducation people will make a huge difference in the next years. Also,on this way these changes include everyone, on the agreementcountries, not only factors and energy stations. These key points cantake a long term to change all of the habits in these countries, butin this way these changes are more adaptable. Moreover, this planwill keep monitoring these habits and the effects on any changes orslowness. After all of these habits and consuming styles have beenchanged, countries can take a step to switch to more efficientlifestyles. For example, after switching to efficiently usedmachines, technology will produce more efficient items and countriescould include them in the next plans. On this way, developingefficiently will be a permanent sector on the climate changeagreement.


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