Community Health Promotion

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CommunityHealth Promotion


DoverDelaware Community

  1. Description of the community agreed by the group

TheDover Delaware Community comes from England and America, with themajority of the partners coming from the International Union forHealth Promotion and Education (IUHPE), Health Actions PartnershipInternational, and World Health Organization (WHO). Sigmond(2006)defines Community health promotion as a strategy borrowed frombehavioral and social science by incorporating biological,psychological, environmental health, and physical sciences to preventdisease through involving members of the targeted community.

  1. Importance of community health promotion to Dover Delaware community

Communityhealth promotion is crucial to Dover Delaware community because itwill enable members of the group to have an improved health status.Also, it will allow improved life for all members of the communityand will significantly reduce the number of premature deaths relatedto poor health status. The primary and overall importance ofcommunity health promotion to the group is reducing the costsincurred on medical treatment.

  1. Potential failures if the program is not taken systematically

.The major challenge of the program is the hostility towards healtheducation by the members of the community. According to Owen (2010)majority of the members of the community rarely dedicate their timeto learning the significance of the community health promotion.Another problem associated with this process is the source of fund tofacilitate this program considering the community in focus is amarginalized, where the gap between the poor and the rich is verybroad.

  1. Potential community and professional partners and reasons for their interest in the program

Asystematic approach to this process is needed to solve theaforementioned failures. Considering the targeted group the bestapproach to the reverse effect of these failures is the participatoryapproach strategy where both the facilitators of the health promotionand the community participate in the promotion process (Dover&ampMcWilliam, 1992).

  1. Strategies to use in order to engage partners in the process

Thepromotion should be carried out with tools and apparatus that arefamiliar to the community. Also, it should be done in theirenvironment that they are familiar with.


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