Comparison of Chinese Education and American Education System

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Comparisonof Chinese Education and American Education System

Theeducation system in America and China have some features in commonwhile some of the characteristics in America are very different fromthose that are found in the Chinese education system. This paperwill, therefore, focus on the differences and similarities that canbe observed in both education systems.


Botheducation systems have witnessed a high degree of inequalities andrampant segregation throughout the education system. In the UnitedStates, the injustices fall along the racial lines and also the typeof class the learner hails from. The poor students and those who comefrom the minority groups usually attend those schools that are highlysegregated and often lack the necessary materials that make learningmore comfortable. The teachers in such schools may lack theexperience that the other teachers in the other schools have. Theeducation system in Chinese as well has witnessed the cases of ethnicand class inequities. China has an additional problem of thegeography and the birthplace. Most school children find it hard tosecure vacancies in the best schools in the cities especially whentheir parents move to such places in search of jobs. There’s littleor no interaction between the school children in the cities and thosewho have migrated to the city. During the time when they shouldinteract, you find that migrants end up forming their group whilethose who are used to the city life form their group as well. Most ofthe public schools in China do not give admissions to the migrantschool children thereby affecting the performance of such schoolsespecially in math and sciences and also when assessments are done onthe international basis (Carr 1).


Inthe United States, the students decide on what resource they want touse from numerous learning textbooks. The students are not limited tothe usage of one particular textbook they have the freedom to decidethe book to use. In comparison, the Chinese students have a set ofstandardized textbooks which they should uniformly use. The grade 1students are normally provided with only one textbook that they mustcarry daily to school to use during the class time of those subjects(Wang and Epoch Times 1).

Bothcountries make use of the individual research differently and more sothe use of such research is only used in the US regardless of thelevel of education or the class of education of the student. TheAmerican students can take the individual research at any levelbecause their education system acquaints them with the necessarybasic skills how such projects should be handled. The primarystudents can perform some research problems as their collegecounterparts can. The ease with which the elementary school studentsin the US take the individual research projects equips them with thenecessary skills that they will use throughout the education systemtill they complete their learning curriculum. In China, there is nouse of the individual research unless the student is in college. Allthe learning exercises that the Chinese students are subjected to,the students are usually provided with the standardized answers tosuch exercises a situation that is rarely witnessed in the US. Thestudents in the China system will first come in contact with theindividual research when they are at the college level of theirstudies in the education system of their country (Wang and EpochTimes 1).

Thehistory classes in both countries are very different from the waythey are taught and the materials used. The US pupils can browsethrough the history books with much ease compared to theircounterparts from China. The conclusions made from the Chinesehistory are biased and often full of propaganda. The biases andpropaganda are for political reasons a case that can hardly bewitnessed in the American education system. The Chinese students haveto go through a long text of about 200 characters to find a simpleconcept unlike in America where the teachers encourage their studentsto try to find answers to the history queries by themselves. InAmerica, the idea of humanism is expressed by teachers throughquestions, and this helps the students to pay the required attentionso that they can realize the fate of human beings. School childrenare taught how to handle complex questions that they encounter whilestudying. The standard answers that are provided to the Chinesestudents are not provided to the American students, and the studentsare forced to go on searching for the answers. It can be seen thatthe focus of the Chinese education system is on the facts that haveaccumulated over time thus making the students stick to certainbeliefs. The American education system encourages the students to tryto search for results and come up with personal opinions. Thedifferences are more pronounced at the primary level where theChinese system focuses on teaching the learners basic charactersevery time. On the other side, the American system is focusing on theuse of songs and crayons so that they can help the students tomemorize what they have learned in class as this is the best methodto illustrate class work (Gee and Shao 1).

TheChinese education system forces the students to study hard becausethey are exposed to mandatory tests of which they must pass to be aguarantee for them to proceed to the next level of education. Thesystem does not emphasize the importance of extracurricularactivities and young romance that are essential for students as theyare in the process of learning. These students become unable toidentify and enhance their personal qualities. On the other hand, theAmerican educational system enables the students to grow up focusingon scores and salaries. The students will grow up knowing theirpersonal qualities and making them be critical thinkers all round.The students can invent new ideas and concepts that enable them toshine in several disciplines at school. The students can interpretthe world from different perspectives that enable them to fit intodifferent environments (Gee and Shao 1).

Highschool life is challenging to both countries but for the US students,the system is lenient than the one of the China. In China, thestudents have no choice but to pass their college entry exams so thatthey will get entry to the colleges. The American students areexposed to the SAT and AP tests, but there are different ways inwhich they can get to college, unlike their China counterparts. TheAmerican education system gives the students the priority to attendthe junior college first and wait for one year first before joiningcollege. As well, those who pass the high school exams can gostraight to college to pursue the four-year degree courses (TheThunderbolt 1).


Puttingthe stereotypes that exist aside in both systems, there still existdifferences between the systems of both countries. One cannotreluctantly say that a given system is the best, but such a decisionis still debatable.


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