Comparison of Four Season Hotel and Coast

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Comparisonof Four Season Hotel and Coast

Comparisonof Four Season hotel and Coast hotel

FourSeasons Hotel Limited is a Canadian international five-starhospitality company. The company has been ranked among the onehundred best companies to work for by Fortune it has been ranked atnumber 47. It is praised for having the minimum staff turnover ratesin the hospitality businesses. The Coast Hotel in Kamloops is also aninternational hospitality company but a three-star hotel. The papercompares the two hotels in terms of chain, star rating, facilities,amenities, location and target market.

Starrating is an opinion-based way of rating hotels founded on theuniversallyestablished values such as comfortable beds, secureparking and customer facilities. Diamond rating is the AmericanAutomobile Association, a basic way of rating hotels, depending onhow luxurious a hotel is. The four season hotel is a 5-star hotelbecause it has four pillows on the bed and has indoor and outdoorswimming pool while the Coast Hotel in Kamloops is a three-star hotelbecause it has two pillows on the bed and only an indoor swimmingpool and garden.

Modernbuildings, equipment, and other services are readily availableinorder to serve a given function to satisfy the customer’s needs.The Coast Hotel in Kamloops facilities includes – spacious standardrooms, one bedroom suites that have both the king and queenbeds,42-inch flat screen TVwith HD channels, fridge and microwave.The four seasons hotel in Vancouver facilities includes conferencehalls and meeting rooms, indoor pools and a garden and a perfecthousekeeping per day. The unique indoors pools and gardens have babylistening facility which gives their customer chance to enjoydelicious meals and drinks mostly in the evening. The Vancouverhotels have free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, andlaundry services in the chamber. The rooms have air conditioningtypes of equipment. While the amenities of the Kamloops four seasonshotel include fast wireless internet, free deluxe hot breakfast,indoor swimming pool, water sliding and a fitness Centre.

Thelocation being the geographical position of a given hotel on theearth’s surface. The Coast hotel in Kamloops is located 3.6kmdowntown from Kamloops. It is just off the Trans-Canada highway, 16.3km from the British Columbia wildlife park. While the four seasonshotel in Vancouver is a 2-minute walk from Vancouver city Centretrain station and a 14-minute walk from historic gas town. The targetmarket for the four season hotels in Vancouver are individuals withfinancial assets exceeding U.S. $ 1 million, located near townsmiddle aged to advanced age and well-educated citizens. The CoastHotel in Kamloops targets the business elites, who are busy consummers looking for comfort in their travels.

Hotelflags are similar for a given group of member hotels under the samename and function. The four seasons hotels in Vancouver is operatedunder the chain of Fairmont hotels and resorts, aCanadian-established management of luxury hotels and resortsoperating in 19 nations currently. The Coast Hotel in Kamloops runsunder the Kamloops chain of hotels in Kamloops. It is clear thereexist a lot of differences between four season hotel in Vancouver andthe Coast hotel in Kamloops in terms ofhotels flag, star rating,facilities provision, the location of the hotel as well as the targetpopulation as discussed in the paper. However, both hotels havesomething in common in that both are international hospitalitycompanies.