Comparison of Works

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Comparisonof Works

TheFalling Girl

Thepoem depicts a nineteen-year-old girl falling from a skyscraper. Thegirls name is Marta. The building she falls from houses some (Hawkinsand Robert 313) offices and apartments. The poem follows her slowdecent as she falls along the buildings edge. The fall is anunfortunate event since she falls not as a result of trying to commitsuicide, but as a result of watching the sunset and the beauty thatsurrounds the city at the time. She is attracted to the luxuries ofthe city and in an attempt to reach such fortunes she lets herselfgo. As she falls along the building, she gets invited to the highlife status of the rich, though she refuses to interact with themshe feels a sense of pride that she was invited in the first place.She also passes along office buildings with a smile on her face andinteracts with those working in the offices. She also refuses theirinvite stating that she was needed on the street below by the richwho seemed to be entering the building going to a party. When she isnearer to the ground, a sense of fear grips her and her desperationare noticed by a couple in the lower floors but instead of being theyoung girl she is now older. As she hits the pavement, she is an oldwoman.

Thestory appears to be a life story of a young girl as she passedthrough life and chases after wealth. As she falls through thebuilding her life progresses on. She gets older with everyinteraction with the buildings’ inhabitants. Her goal is to reachthe streets that promise luxury and wealth as she joins the eliteclass of rich people. She had always dreamt of joining such aluxurious party in her childhood. As her journey progressed fear setsin the fear of not achieving her dreams in time. She realized thatshe might never reach to the party and this makes her loseconfidence. She also notices that others are falling faster than sheis and she becomes terrified. By this time, she is older and mightnot have the strength to party as she had hoped before. Herpopularity was no longer recognized by people she was now just andold woman, and this made her feel fearful of the outcomes of herlife.

WhatDidn`t Happen in Arizona?

Thepoem narrates the story of a woman who is both a mother to a younggirl and a wife. Her husband and young daughter briefly leave her atan intersection. She feels lonely and tries to think. She fantasizedabout disappearing and leaving them. About how it would be if sheleft them behind to chase after life (Hawkins and Robert 351). Sheimagines of how it would be to change her life instantly by decidingto leave instantly. She imagines of how she could be scooped suddenlyby a truck and leave the life she is living behind. She must havebeen going through some hard issues in her life for her to desire asudden change. Questions arise of the reasons why she might havewanted to disappear. All these thoughts come to her as she stands atan exit ramp at an interstate in a flat.

Comparisonof the Two Works

Thetwo poems express desire. Thefalling girl depictsa woman`s need to join the elite class of the rich in order to becomefamous. WhatDidn`t Happen in Arizona?showsa woman who desires to run from her reality and leave everythingbehind. Both of the desires are active in the fact that they show howlife would change suddenly for them and the luxuries they would beopen to enjoy. Also, the two women seek to escape from reality. Eventhough the one in thefalling girlis content with recognition, the other in WhatDidn`t Happen in Arizona?justwants to escape without knowing what lies ahead. The desire for abetter life is evident in their imagination as they cling to the hopefor a better life. They have sunk deep into their fantasies, and thisseems to give them a sense of calm. By having fantasies, they canforget about what they are going through at present and seem happier.

Thefallinggirlends with the woman having a fearful feeling about the outcome of herlife but in the Arizona poem the woman seems to have no feeling ofremorse about wanting to leave her daughter and her husband. Shefeels she is justified in her desire of escape, and she has no secondthought about it. Even though it is just a fantasy, she is calm aboutthe fact that if her intention was actualized she would not lookback. The two poems show how fantasy can lead to thinking of changingindividual life. Desire has so much power in life, and the one way toactualize them is to be focused on fulfilling them and working hardfor it.


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