Concept of Patriarchy and Crime

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Conceptof Patriarchy and CrimeConceptof Patriarchy and Crime

Thesocial system ruled by a threat of force by men and the many acts ofbeing capable of undergoing a criminal proceeding creates a headacheon matters concerning law. As it states, any act that is sociallyagainst the law shall be assumed accountable to law thus deemed as acrime. It also states that provided a committed does not createsocial harm it shall not be considered as a crime.

Accordingto the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the crimes aredivided into categories. They include little gravity crimes, ordinarygravity crimes, grave crimes and particularly serious crimes. Littlegravity crime involves careless and intentional acts and brings apenalty of ten years. Medium gravity crime entails deprivation ofone’s freedom and intentional offences which carry a penalty of notless than five years imprisonments. Grave crimes constitute adeprivation of liberty, and intentional acts bring about a penalty ofnot less than ten years in prison. The last one, particularly severecrime entailing intentional acts in conjunction with infringement anddeprivation of liberty bring a penalty of a term not exceeding tenyears. Repeated crime would lead to cumulative punishment(Schmalleger, 2012).

Thislaw, however, has its disadvantages. For instance, in a case study, aman and his wife were driving across the city. The wife implored thatthe husband stops at the bank to allow her withdraw some money. Whilewaiting in the car for his wife, the husband is shot and killed bybank robbers. The wife was then charged for her husband’s death.The question would regard whether the wife`s request to stop at thebank was a cause of her husband`s death.

Evenas the law takes it as a criminal offence in the real sense, it comesout that this law is wrong under some circumstances, and, therefore,some changes have to be made.


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