Concept of Patriarchy and Crime

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Conceptof Patriarchy and CrimeConceptof Patriarchy and Crime

Patriarchyis the system of society or government whereby the authority followsa father or male figure. Virtually, all families are headed by themale figure, and this descent has come a long way through thedominance of males in almost every aspect of final decision-making. Apatriarchy system holds men in high regard, and thus, women arelargely excluded from it. The mantle of power is held by men. In thecurrent world, at least, every basic of power is defined throughpatriarchallines. In the process of male dominance, women are exploited, abusedand underprivileged (Christ,Feb 18, 2013).

Theconcept of patriarchyand crime is closely inter-twined. This theoretical research issupported by the amount of criminal cases that are daily reported tolaw enforcement agencies, all around the world. So, the evidence isempirical. To support this concept, a few case examples will beexplored below:

Caseexample 1

Physicaland emotional harassment of women

Inthe current society of male dominance, women have faced all sorts ofawful acts such as sexual harassments, physical violence and rape.Women are seen as sexual objects that should be manipulated. They areseen as the weaker sex that cannot resist any form of oppression.Therefore, many atrocities done to women have been suppressed andsuch women have perished in silence. They live on fear, and this isbecause they cannot report such cases to a system that is governed bymen. In other conservative countries, such cases are dismissed andwomen are not given the will-power to raise any issue or report anyinjustices committed to them.

Caseexample 2

Suppressionof women’s rights

Ina country like Saudi Arabia, women are denied the right to drive,wear an attire of their choice, interact with men and have travelrestrictions. All women have to travel with a guardian often called amahram.Inone case reported in Riyadh (Saudi’s capital), a teenager reportedthat she was raped by a gang of men. However, the case was overturnedand the girl was punished for going out without a guardian.According to the Washington Post,the girlwasgiven several lashes whereas the accused rapist were less punished.In this case, we are able to clearly see that men have completedominance over women.

Nevertheless,there are various activist groups that try to wave for feminism. Thishas come of age in the wake of considerable transformation in variouspower structures. There is political optimism in fighting theoppression of women, in the long run for equality in social, economicand political entitlements (Christ,Feb 18, 2013).


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