Concert Criticism

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Introductionto the artists

AndreaLudwig is a creative person of remarkable depth, scope, andmusicality raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has earnest, charisma,and distinct sense of humor, which is hones on the stage and hervivacious musicality, makes her best loved to all her listeners.Considering her versatility and capacity to interpret many styles,she was capable of doing a spectacular variety of Schubert’s mostprevalent composed songs in the concert.

RobertUchida is a Canadian violinist. He has been addressed of hisarticulacy, hypnotic intensity, and beautiful sound.

Introductionsto the shows


TheSchubert’s concert was held on January 14, 2016, at Halifax’sRebecca Cohn Auditorium. Maestro Bernhard conducted the concert,which featured Andrea Ludwig, who is a Canadian mezzo-sopranoperforming a variety of the most popular Schubert’s orchestratedsongs and other new orchestrations by Canadian composers. Among themost known orchestration that was featured on the concert was DieForelle (The Trout) – orch. Benjamin Britten, Erlkonig (The Erlking)- orch. Max Reger, Du bist die Ruh (You are Peace) – orch. AntonWebern and Gretchen am Spinnrade (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel) –orch. Max Reger. Besides, Kati Agocs and Brian Current were the twoCanadian musicians introduced on the cocert.

Inthe first performance, Die Forelle (The Trout) – orch. BenjaminBritten, the song is purely composed in a manner that it demonstratesclearly the right piece of its purpose of warning young women toguard against young men. The strings were gentle and subdued thattracked the left part of the piano during the performance of theorch. On the next orchestra, Gretchen is Spinnrade (Gretchen at theSpinning Wheel) – orch. Max Reger, I feel that the song should beperformed by a soprano however it was transformed and performed as amezzo-soprano. In the song, Erlkönig (The Erlking) – orch. MaxReger, I think the singer is playing several roles in the song, whichhappens for only stage demeanor and the purpose affectation of thetimbre. Therefore, in this orchestra, the singer acts ingeniously torepresents many characters. In the last two featured orch., Erlkönig(The Erlking) – orch. Hector Berlioz and Du bist die Ruh (You ArePeace) – orch. Anton Webern, the song was performed entirely as hertone was clear throughout the entire performance.

Accordingto my opinion, I feel that the entire concert was live andentertaining. This is because the whole audience critically acclaimedLudwig to be their favorites. Andrea Ludwig put a commitment on thefull concert performance, which left many audiences astonished withher brilliant and brimming mastery of meaning. Similarly, in thefirst play, Ludwig incorporated the brilliant choreography, whichgave the play a brilliant theatrical spectacle.


Thefour season with Robert Uchida concert took place on 27-28th ofFebruary 2016 at St, Andrews United Church. The Symphony Nova Scotiapresented the show, which featured the Four Season, which isVivaldi’s most celebrated creation together with Robert Uchida.Uchida returned to lead the orchestra on the music journey. Among thefeatured masterwork in the concert included Bach`s BrandenburgConcerto no.3, Purcell’s Canon on Ground Bass, and Pachelbel’siconic Canon. During the show, he held the position of Symphony NovaScotia and performed an associate with Rotterdam PhilharmonicOrchestra.

Accordingto the song, Sonata for Solo Violin, Robert Uchida made the ravishingsound to appear more fiddle. He uses his ability of hypnoticintensity that accommodates occasional outburst of energy. From mypoint of view, the song did not attend to the religious nature of thework as it was performed. In general, the overall performance ofRobert during the concert was outstanding.

Inmy opinion, the entire show was fantastic, apart from the fact that,as much as Robert effort to make the performance live, he was puttinglots of energy that forget the religious nature of the masterpiece.Nevertheless, the creativity in the author was overly outstanding.

Comparisonof the two Shows

Bothshows were similar in the sense that, the featured artist were bothdominant in the field of classic music. Their reputation and scope ofwork in much recognized in an orchestra. In addition, both artistswere performing the variety of modern orchestrated songs produced bydifferent people. For instance, the For Season is a Vivaldi’s mostfamous creation that was carried out by Robert Uchida while AndreaLudwig performed most popular Schubert orchestrated songs and neworchestration from Canadian composers.

Judgingfrom the 21st-century orchestra and 19th-century masterpieces, bothare differences in the sense that, the soprano have been developedand changed to be performed as a mezzo-soprano. Unlike the nineteenthcentury romantic songs, popular romantic songs have shifted in thedynamic of the content. In the above two shows, both artists aim atexpressing the ability and pay more attention to the performance toimpress the audiences. However, most of them have forgotten theprimary purpose of making the subject appealing to the readers.Indeed, from my earlier experience, it is noteworthy that currentartists produce a healthy and free classical music that perfects onthe stage. However, according to my personal appraisal, the twoconcert were informing as they contributed towards improving mylistening skills and take note on the structure and facets ofmusicality.