Consumer Attitude towards Online Shopping of Fast Foods

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ConsumerAttitude towards Online Shopping of Fast Foods

ConsumerAttitude towards Online Shopping of Fast Foods

Thereis a growing use of the Internet as far as purchasing of fast food isconcerned, a situation that has prompted the customers as well as thefast food industries to do online shopping. When the online marketersknow the factors that affect the behavior of online clients, theywill be able to relate those factors to the online customers. Suchsituation will play a key role in helping marketers to come up withinnovative marketing strategies that can attract more potentialcustomers as well retaining the current online clients.

Thistopic is important because it will enable the online marketers to dotheir business through the internet as well as enabling the customersor e buyers to make their orders online. Further, this strategy willmake the marketers be innovative enough with an aim of attracting newcustomers and retain the existing ones (Akbar &amp James, 2014).Marketers can become innovative by coming up with the appropriatemarketing strategies that will enable customers to have access to theonline fast foods customers.

Themain question I intend to address is how and which factors affect theattitudes of the online buyers in the fast foods industry and inwhich manner does the behavior of consumers affected. This willenable marketers to respond to the rising needs of the online buyerseffectively. The data I will use to address this question is purelythe factors that affect the consumer behavior. The factors mayinclude the information the online buyers obtain about the fast foodindustries, the perceived usefulness, the ease of using the Internetto do online shopping, the perceived enjoyment that the onlinecustomers get and also the security of doing their shopping online. Iwill obtain the data by observing the relationship between thefactors that affect the online consumer attitudes in the fast foodindustry. Further I will use a wide range of information sources likeinternet search engines, bibliographic databases, and academic andcommercial abstracts among other sources in order to come up with adetailed research proposal.


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