Core Competency

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Core competency is a concept in management that distinguishes a firmfrom a contemporary setting. A firm is well organized, and it usesresources in an organized way to take advantage of o the availablemarkets and gain a competitive edge. Core competencies can beachieved through self-knowledge, resilience and executive cognitivefunctions.

Self-knowledge involves understanding one’s properties and thedesire to seek the knowledge that guides one in the development ofself-concept. Self-knowledge helps in informing individual’s mentalrepresentation (Baumeister, 2010). Understanding one`s capabilitieshelps them to know the extent in which they can stretch. In a firm,employees with self-knowledge know their strengths and the tasks thatthey can comfortably undertake.

Resilience is another primary component of core competency. It is theprocess of adapting to changes in one`s environments includingtragedy, trauma and other sources of strain. A resilience individualcan adjust to both internal and external changes and bounce backwithout facing any difficulties (Baumeister, 2010). Workplaces arefull of strains that emanating from both the internal and externalenvironment. Resilient workers withstand the challenges, and it helpsin retaining talents and reducing the need for hiring new employees.

Finally, executive cognitive functions involve a set of processesincluding controlling attention, inhibition, flexibility and memory.It also involves problem-solving and planning. Controlling thesefunctions is imperative for individuals to remain focused on theirgoals (Baumeister, 2010). In a work environment, employees withexemplary cognitive functions remain focused on the organization’sobjectives and getting rid of inhibitors and distracters. Also, suchemployees are flexible to changes in the work environment as well assolving problems that they may encounter. The three core concepts arecore competencies that human resource managers should seek to developin employees.


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