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CoreValues: Nestle Company


Accordingto the Baldrige business criteria, core values are the beliefs andbehaviors that go hand in hand with the organizations known to behigh performing. These values dictate the foundation in which theintegration of crucial performance and laying the requirements ofoperations. This should be as per a results-oriented frameworkthrough the creation of a basis for taking actions, providingfeedback, and thus an ongoing success. With this regard, any companyaspiring to be successful ought to have a list of core values guidingits operations. The purpose of this paper is to present a review ofthe application of the core values by Nestle Company basing on theBaldrige business criteria.

Sincethe founding of the Company, Nestlé’s business operations andactivities are usually under the guidance of the set core values andconcepts. Such include honesty, integrity, proper operations, goodleadership, and full compliance with the laws of the land theyoperate from. The company makes all attempts to ensure there is apositive progress for the core values through all available means.Such efforts include traditions of the organization, creation ofstructures which are value-centered, and the obligation to operatewithin the laws of the area they operate (Scott, Jaffe, &amp Tobe,1993). This paper shows the application of core values by NestleCompany as the Baldrige business criteria proposes.

Thecore values of Baldrige business criteria

Thecore values by the Baldrige business criteria describe the beliefsand behaviors that dictate the operations of high-performingorganizations. The creation of the standards by Baldrige is through aset of inter-related core values and concepts which include the valuefor people and society, ethics and transparency, delivering on valueand within the desired results, and focus on customer excellenceamong others (Baldrige Excellence Framework, 2015-2016).. Variouscompanies and organizations apply these core values and concepts togain the success they boast of. Nestle Company has not been leftbehind in implementing these core values to become what it is today.

Theapplication of core values by Nestle Company.

Sincethe Nestle Company was founded, the company has placed efforts onbuilding their operations to attain long-term success. The company isalways on the front line to ensure compliance with the laid downlegal requirements and operations from whichever area they operatefrom (Tocquigny &amp Butcher, 2012). The Nestle Company does thiswhile at the same time ensuring their activities and operations aresustainable as well as the creation of value not only for theindividual customers but the society as a whole. Most importantly,Nestle Company ensures that the governance of their practices isthrough honesty and integrity.

Nestleunderstands that the designing and operating under core values forthe success of the company lies in a crucial core value which is goodgovernance and good leadership as Tocquigny &amp Butcher (2012)propose. With good leaders, Nestle is sure to oversee the upholdingof the core values guiding their operations. As a result, theseleaders ensure that the right procedures are followed andwell-regulated in line with the operations of the company. Theorganization thus, makes sure that the right people are in theleadership of the operations to oversee transparency of theoperations while at the same time offering equal treatment to theshareholders (Scott, Jaffe, &amp Tobe, 1993).

Nestledesires to remain successful and relevant in the market throughobservation of progressing commercially in their operations.Consequently, the organization ensures that their operations do notimpact negatively or present harmful effects as they intend to meetthe needs of the clients. Under the guidance of the core values ofthe company, Nestle ensures that their operations are always as theguidelines dictate while prioritizing the needs and demands of thecustomers.


Thediscussion above shows the determination by Nestle Company to applythe core values and concepts of the Baldrige business concepts in itsoperations to gain the success and remain relevant in the market. Thedominance and success enjoyed by Nestle are thus highly attributed tothe observance of the core values dictated by the Baldrige businessconcepts.


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