Critique on Science Fiction Films

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Examples of recently watched movies that fallunder dystopian science fiction

Dystopia refers to place or state whereeverything goes to hell. Some of the movies I have watched include:

NineteenEighty– Four by ‘Michael Radford’.The film was set in London in 1984. I found the movie interestingsince it encourages free thoughts, which were not allowed, and allpeople are under continuous surveillance.

Kilji Fukasaku’s BattleRoyale, and is about the society goingmade after economy worsens and many people lost jobs. The chaoticnature of youths in this movie is quite unrealistic.

Twelve Monkeysby ‘Terry Gilliam’-it concerns the outbreak of plague that wipedout many people in the world, and those who remained were forced tostay in the cave in the fear of the disease.

Soylent Greenby ‘Richard Fleischer’- I found the movie talking about theunrealistic suffering of the world’s population due to greenhouseeffects and horrible ecological conditions.