Cultural Geography Discussion

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CulturalGeography Discussion

CulturalGeography Discussion

Understandingcultural geography helps with the world view by creating anunderstanding of the norms that influence how people interpret placesand human activities. By allowing an understanding of the differentinterpretation, cultural geography allows people to recognize thedifferent meanings that people attach to different geographicalfeatures. At the same time, it creates an informed view of thefactors that shape different human activities and environments(Briney, n.d). Different human activities are central in theformation of the culture that people have. This means that theirworld view is different from those that are engaged in differentactivities.

Theimpact of the American culture is creating a dominant view of theworld. This is the reason why Nate Garvis explores the importance ofthe American culture. According t Garvis (2010), if we change ourculture, we have the ability to change the whole world. The Americanculture has dominated in the understanding of the geographicalfeatures that shape the world and the comprehension of the impact ofthese features to human life. At the same time, the American cultureshapes the understanding of the other cultures by providing the basisof studying them and evaluating their impact. This impact isexperienced through the Americanization of formal learning becauseAmerica influences the learning materials about the world.

However,other cultures also influence how America views the world andunderstands the geographical differences. I have experienceddifferent aspects of other cultures in this country, based on the waypeople behave and worship. For instance the Islamic practice in thecountry and the Arab culture that is practiced in the countryoriginates from a different culture. The Japanese culture of handworkand believing in self potential is an aspect of the Asian cultureexperienced in America. This is the same observation about theChinese culture, which is practiced in different parts of the countrywhere Chinese and Americans of Chinese origin live.


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