Darwin and Evolution Question 1

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Darwinand Evolution


Theobservation of the finches on Galapagos was exceedingly critical toDarwin and his theory. In his studies, Darwin collected birds on theisland, which he wanted to study. In his analysis, he came to realizethat there were 13 different variations of the Galapagos finchalthough they depicted radical differences. Through this observationof the 13 variations of the Galapagos finch, Darwin made a conclusionthat species change. Therefore, the observation of the finches onGalapagos helped Darwin with his theory since it made him make aprogress in his theory by noting that species change.


Accordingto the video, Darwin stated that evolution worked under themechanisms of survival of the fittest. According to this mechanism,there is competition that exists in nature, where the fitter usuallyadapt to the nature’s competition, while the unfit vanish. Thismechanism argues that animals have to fight for their survivalanimals that are best adapted to their environment are seen as fitand end up surviving. Alternatively, animals that are unfit to theirsurrounding do not survive.


Geneticmutation describes an alteration in the sequence of the DNA, which isa constituent of a gene. This kind of mutation usually bringsvariations of organisms that is, it makes organisms of the samespecies to have differences in different aspects.


Geneticmutations are exceedingly vital in evolution since they play the roleof making organisms to have variations. Emanating from geneticmutation, one organism would vary from the original organism byhaving some characteristics that the organism did not have. This isimportant in helping organisms become well-suited to theirenvironment, which is an aspect of evolution.