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HumanNature and Cognitive Theories

Journal#: Question 4

Accordingto Hobbes, individuals sacrifice their liberty to Leviathan. TheLeviathan is a state or commonwealth that binds all the individualtogether through the protection of rights (social contract). Thefirst law of nature compels human beings to seek peace. Nevertheless,peace can only be acquired through the realization of the need andthus contract (s) establishment. In the event of power struggles, menwill sacrifice their liberty to the Leviathan and break thecontractual agreement because it has become such a naturalinclination towards acquisition of total authority. Additionally, thesovereign authority seek to sacrifice such liberty if the bestsituation strikes. The individuals will do so without the fear ofpunishment for breaking the agreement.

Sometimes,it is right to break the commonwealth social contract. This is aproper course to take in the modern world. It is natural for humansto engage in war. In this context, critics suggest that war is anorganized violence between rival groups. According to the cognitivetheories, human beings tend to be adversely affected by inferioritycomplex (Genest487-546).Therefore,they will seek to strive for supremacy, even if it means to sacrificethe Leviathan agreement. It is a human social nature to attainmastery. For instance, the US military hold the opinion that“humanity is predisposed to violence.” Therefore, this is thereason that the US engages in most conflicts and it has done so wellthat it has become the world’s superpower. Conclusively, it is verynecessary to break peace and protect the underprivileged, protect acountry from imminent attack from a rival political group and protectthe whole world form destructive activities.


Genest.,M.A. Conflictand Cooperation: Evolving Theories of International Relations,2ndedition chapters8 and 9, pp. 487-546, 2003.Print