Discussing “The Irony of American History” and “The Quiet American

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Discussing“The Irony of American History” and “The Quiet American


Discussing“The Irony of American History” and “The Quiet American”

Theirony of American History is a significant book that touches on thefundamental ideals and cultures of the American society. Niebuhr hassuccessfully led the reader to go through personal evaluation inregards to actions taken in the historical context. Therefore thequestion that perhaps he poses to the reader is whether objective areable to be distinguished from the general flow of the Americanhistory (Niebuhr, 2010). Two of the most ideas that he brings intolight are communism and liberalism that have dominated most of theAmerican politics over the decades. In this regard, the answer thatthe reader gets to that question is that such objective patterns cancertainly be discerned to the flow of history, only if they do nottranslate to violence towards the facts of history (Niebuhr, 2010).Therefore The Irony of American History provides the reader with aunique framework which can assist him or her to organize, interpretand eventually create patterns out of the historical facts. Oneexample of irony that the American culture has been critiqued in thiscontext is the cold war existing between communism and liberalism.

Onthe other hand, The Quiet American novel has been used to show thelengths that some people take to fulfill their desire. In the novelthe reader clearly discovers that Pyle is the villain who was willingto go extra mile of killing innocent people to fulfill his desire ofannexing Vietnam (Greene, 2010). However, during his maliciousattack, he encountered his death and fails to accomplish his desirefor Vietnam (Greene, 2010). This novel reminds the reader the periodof Vietnam invasion by the America. During that period however, manyAmerica soldiers lost their lives as well as many innocent peopleincluding Vietnamese women and children. This novel thereforecritiques that particular invasion, bringing out the idea that it wasuncalled for and that the Americans had not strategized appropriatelyin avoiding such losses.


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